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December 2010 Newsletter

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! Especially to the men and women serving in the military who cannot be with their families over the holidays.

NEW Crosby Bundle Clips

Crosby Bundle Clip
The Crosby Group has just released their newest product -- the "Crosby® Bundle Clip".  This new product is used in union with a 3/4" G-450 Wire Rope Clip and is designed to lock down the choke hitch of a wire rope sling. This rigging technique is commonly called "pre-slinging a load" and keeps the choke hitch from loosening on the load during transport. 


After initial loading, the Bundle Clip is attached to the body of a wire rope sling and captures the sling eye with its tip. The Bundle Clip is sized to provide a grip to the live rope without reducing the efficiency of a choker hitch. For warnings and application instructions, click here.


3/4" Part Number 2032694
Fits only a 3/4" G-450 Crosby Wire Rope Clips

Huskie Wire Rope Cutters Huskie Wire Rope Cutters

We recently became master distributor of Huskie Hydraulic cutting tools for cutting wire rope, rebar, ground rod, guy wire, and ACSR. All Huskie Tools are lightweight, tough and portable compared to other brands.  Power options include hydraulic, battery powered, or manual pump. For a PDF copy of their new catalog, click here.

Pocket Rigging Cards 

 Pocket Rigging Cards


New "wallet sized" BLP Mobile Crane Hand Signal Cards are now available.  The compact 8 panel card is now available for   $ 3.00 each.  Also, BLP pocket Rigging Cards are in-stock. The Rigging Cards include capacities and weights on wire rope slings, alloy chain slings, Twin-Paths®, Roundslings, Web Slings and Crosby Shackles. For ordering information, please contact 


Company News


BLP NewsThe stork delivered Mary Kathryn, a beautiful baby girl to Ryan and Katie Gray on October 24th in Rock Springs, WY. Mom and Mary are doing great and are at home with a very jealous dog, Kaoli. Congratulations!

BLP News


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New Crosby Bundle Clips
Huskie Wire Rope Cutters
Pocket Rigging Cards


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Christmas Swager
Beginning to look a lot like Christmas at BLP! Click here to view more photos.

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Shrimp Boil

The Crosby Seminar and

Shrimp Boil were a huge success! Thanks to all that were able to attend and a big thank you to our cooks from Crosby!

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