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We recently partnered with Fresh Home on a promotion called Think Pink.  We posted new ways to use pink in architecture on our blog to celebrate this powerful hue for breast cancer awareness.  Comments on our blog posts entered fans to win a gallon of YOLO Colorhouse paint and a copy of Fresh Home's new book, due out in December.  Comments were also counted as donations, sending $300 to The Breast Cancer Society, a national non-profit with a primary focus on providing direct help and financial aid to those suffering from breast cancer.

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Dusk to Dawn   

It is hard to believe we have moved into the colorful fall season already and the holidays will be approaching soon. Here at YOLO Colorhouse, we have been thinking about 2012 and the colors that will dominate in the new year. In this issue of Colorlab, we feature the 2012 Trend Palettes along with one of our favorite tile companies, Clayhaus Ceramics, a colorful company that pairs well with YOLO Colorhouse walls.


Thank you to all who participated in our Think Pink campaign in late September to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Society. If you missed it or are not part of our Color Community on Facebook, we would love for you to become a part of the conversation!


Happy Fall - enjoy the season of color!


2012 Color Trends   

Farm to Table
Sprout Dusk to Dawn


The palettes represented in the 2012 YOLO Colorhouse Trends are an interpretation of colors that move with us into the new year:  strong hues anchored in softer and safer neutrals.  Plus this year we included the SPROUT trend palette as children's design is becoming more integrated into the adult world.  The Farm to Table palette is representative of the desire to know your farmer and where your food is coming from.  The Dusk to Dawn palette is a sign of optimism grounded in the solace of neutrals.       



Colorful Company:  Clayhaus Ceramics 


Based in Portland, OR, Clayhaus Ceramics makes handcrafted, modern ceramic tile.  Each individual tile is unique -- crafted one at a time by the touch of a human hand. Because they are not mass-produced, Clayhaus tiles have "perfect imperfections" -- tile sizes may not be exact from tile to tile and all glazes are made from scratch and applied individually to each piece. This results in very slight color variations, making each piece unique. 

Committed to sustainability, Clayhaus Ceramics uses 100% renewable energy to run their  studio and production facility.  Crackle glazes contain 50% post-consumer recycled bottle glass and all products are made with lead-free materials. Shipping cartons and packing materials are made of recycled corrugated paper and cornstarch "peanuts" and Clayhaus donates seconds and usable broken tiles to local schools' art programs.



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