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of Summer

color of summer salad

Mix together:
Green beans - 3 C, blanched 2 minutes until bright green (THRIVE .06), cool immediately in ice water
Cherry Tomatoes (PETAL .06) - 1.5 C
Walnuts - chopped - C
Red onions - 1/8 C
Feta Cheese - C
For dressing, mix together:
Garlic - 1 clove crushed
Balsamic vinegar - 1/3 C
Olive Oil - 1/3 C
Salt -   t
Sugar or agave syrup - 1 t
Pepper to taste

 Colorful Artist

cute hats

cute hats

Lauri Chambers creates Acme Hats, colorful felt sculptures to keep you warm in the upcoming months. Check out her website at

Calling all Color Nerds!

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cute hat
It is hard to believe it is already September - we are harvesting cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, eggplants, beets and green beans, but we are still waiting for the big green (THRIVE .03) tomatoes to turn that bright cherry red of PETAL .06. The air already has the crisp snap of fall and the PETAL .06 tomatoes we were hoping for are looking like they may become fried green tomatoes! 
The bean salad we feature in this issue of Colorlab is one we have been eating a lot of this summer - it is a great way to use lot's of beans!  With cherry tomatoes, it is the color and taste of summer. 

Looking ahead to colder days we found an amazing hat artist, who makes colorful felt sculptures to warm your head. 

We are also excited to announce the launch of a new YOLO Colorhouse website and a new sampling system in this fall issue of Colorlab.
Here's to Fall color - lot's of it, and maybe a few more hot days to turn the big green tomatoes to PETAL .06!


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New YOLO Colorhouse Website!

The new YOLO Colorhouse website is loaded with new color features:  Architectural photos, companion colors and a free color help button.  Check out the "People in their Spaces" feature.
We will be launching more fun color tools soon - stay tuned!

people in their spaces

New YOLO Colorhouse BIG Chips!
More Color.  Less Mess.

The new color samples are $3.99 and have lot's of information on the back  - Companion colors, Green living tips for every hue, and color use suggestions.  Check them out at your local YOLO Colorhouse dealer.

Click below to watch a short video introducing the BIG Chip.

big chip video

new big chip