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Clay.06 and Clay.03 livingroom

Leaf.02 and Clay.04 livinroom

Have you ever wondered what your living room would look like painted CLAY.06? LEAF.05? ASPIRE.02?  Just post an image of your next painting project on facebook and we will show you....without getting out a brush!
Creative Poster
Reuse Idea

Poster Reuse 1Poster Reuse 3

Artists/designers/crafters: YOLO paint swatches are perfect for your photos!  Check out how this food stylist and photographer used YOLO swatches to make her images pop!
 Colorful Artist

puji studio painting

At YOLO Colorhouse we like to keep creative energy high on the priority list.  Puji Sherer, a founding member of the YOLO Colorhouse team, makes sure that this is part of our everyday culture.  Her passion for color is felt by color consultation customers (free online consultation) and can be seen in her beautiful ceramic and paint creations.  Puji uses recycled YOLO Colorhouse paint on reclaimed windows to create her paintings.  To view Puji's work go to


puji studio bowls
Happy Spring 2010!  Last night we discovered our first seeds popping out of the soil!  A true sign, that we here in the Northwest, have sprung into the warmer months.   In this issue of Colorlab, we are celebrating the fresh, succulent and crisp colors that this time of year brings to us.

We also want to acknowledge the talented and energetic people we get to work with every day.  We feature artist Puji Sherer, who has worked faithfully beside us since we launched YOLO Colorhouse five years ago. Puji's work is a true reflection of who she is.  Her beautiful ceramic pieces and painted windows reflect her sense of color and creativity. Ceramic bowls pictured here by Puji.

The featured spring palette from the Color of Hope (seen below), makes it possible to live with Spring all year.   If you want to see the Spring palette in your space - become a YOLO Colorhouse facebook fan and send in a photo to have your space painted virtually... or just go ahead and paint!

We are also using Colorlab to introduce the newest member of our team at YOLO Colorhouse, Sadie - a spirited black and white border collie who fills our lives and hers with color.  Read about Sadie's favorite things in the Sadie, Salty's and STAY feature below.

We hope your Spring 2010 is full of new sprouts, new beginnings and SUN!

In Spring Color,

Your Friends at YOLO Colorhouse
YOLO Colorhouse
Spring Palette

The soft spring colors that give this time of year so much hope can be found in our Color of Hope palette.  You can have spring in your home all year!

Robin NestSpring Color Palette

Sadie, Salty's and STAY

Meet Sadie- the newest member of the YOLO ColorhouseSadie team. Although Sadie is black and white, she fits right into our color community. We have always heard that dogs are color blind, but the fact is...dogs can see color!

Dogs have fewer cone cells in their retina and they only see two primary colors - blue and yellow, instead of the three primary colors humans see (blue, red and yellow). That makes the colors they see faded or pale.
That's why Sadie's favorite hangs are painted in some of YOLO Colorhouse's brighter hues...

When we're away, Sadie stays at "STAY", a boutique hotel for dogs. When this mid-century modern pet hotel expanded this year, they chose YOLO Colorhouse paint for the walls.  STAY offers standard suites which are exceptional, but they've taken the boutique idea to a new level and offer deluxe suites so your furry friend can feel extra pampered in the luxury rooms.  (Sadie has not seen the luxury rooms...and she most likely won't).  Click below to take a tour of STAY.

STAY video

Sadie at Salty's
Salty's is a neighborhood dog and cat shop that specializes in healthy foods and unique accessories. Salty's is one of Sadie's favorite stops.  Owner Nancy is always ready to give Sadie a pat on the head, or if she's lucky, a special treat! 

Sadie at Salty's  Counter

Nancy recently chose YOLO Colorhouse to paint the interior of her shop: THRIVE.02, DREAM.05, DREAM.04 and PETAL.01.