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As we crave simpler things and slow down, both because we have to and because we want to, we are forging a colorful path that will become some of the palettes of 2010. We are drawn forward by technology, while moving back to the goodness of times gone by.  We are growing our own food, making things with our hands, and seeking history in the reclaimed and reused, while putting our own modern twist on all of it.  At YOLO Colorhouse we see this trend of finding the balance between what is now and what was then in the colors that will create the interior palettes of 2010.   

Tell us which palette speaks to your energy, style and the life you see living in 2010. Visit our facebook page and vote for your favorite.

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The Urban Farmer
urban farmer paletteRurbana farmerich, earthy and saturated colors are on the rise. Farmer's markets are thriving. We are growing our own food, we are planting gardens, we are cooking at home - we are pickling, canning and freezing so we can eat from our gardens throughout the year. Not to be confused with the jewel tones of the 80's, these deep colors share the same value and intensity.  Dig in, get your hands dirty - the rich, earthy brown, NOURISH.05, is a grounding color and beautiful contrast to THRIVE.03 - as you have seen in your garden. Add the vibrant beet purple of PETAL.07 and luscious, earthy CLAY.04 and you've got a warm, inviting space to spend with family and friends and share the bounty. 
The Handcrafter
handcrafter palette handcrafterWeave together bright hues with grounding neutrals for an eclectic palette reminiscent of folk art and crazy quilts. We love putting color, pattern and textures together and making things with our hands.  We are felting, sewing, knitting, quilting, painting, building, molding and designing. The energy of THRIVE.02 combined with the depth of DREAM.05 is a contemporary twist on a classic blue/green combination.  Stitch in the vitality of CREATE.03 with the richness of STONE.06 to bring a colorful collage to your home or workplace.
The Green Steward
green steward palette Naturgreen stewardal, contemporary and clean simplicity create the palette of the Green Steward.  The green movement is here to stay both out of necessity and the will of people.  This trend is moving into the mainstream and we are celebrating the collective as it grows.  We honor the recycler, the rebuilder and the history of reclaimed materials fashioned for a new era. These hues offer the sincerity and truth of natural materials. IMAGINE.04 allows you to breathe and gives an openness when used in combination with the warmth of STONE.05 and LEAF.05 and the tranquil, cooler hue of WATER.06.  The Green Steward palette is pre and post 2010, it is the timeless simplicity we are seeking.
YOLO Colorhouse is a premium Zero VOC paint. It contains no carcinogens, no reproductive toxins, no mutagens, no hazardous air pollutants, no ozone depleting compounds, no formaldehyde, no phthalates, no VOCs and NO BAD COLORS!