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Aquatic Therapy U
atu logoATU 2011  Schedule  
Sep 9-10: Shoulder, Neck+Spine

Oct 7-8:
Aquatic Therapy Protocols

Nov 11-12:
Pediatric Evidence-Based AT   


ATU classes on the road




These novel trainings are for those veteran aquaticists who want to improve on what they already know. Stop repeating your last class; come to an ATU seminar.


bibliosNEW! Research


girl on float reading aquatic therapy research bibliography

Aquatic Health

Research Databases

Now Available


Our life's work and most requested product is now on the market in 8 meaty volumes. These research bibliographies cover the years 1990-2011 and are sorted chronologically and alphabetically. If you are looking to justify aquatic therapy to your patients, providers and physicians, come visit our storefront and feast on these tasty offerings:


Vol 1: Musculoskeletal 

Vol 2: Rheumatology 

Vol 3: Cardio 

Vol 4: Neuro  

Vol 5: Geriatric 

Vol 6: Pediatric 

Vol 7: Pregnancy (Coming)

Vol 8: Balance (Coming)  


$45 (download)

$70 (hardcopy) 

Issue #8827 June 2011
aquatic therapist

 "You were a very engaging speaker that got us involved all the time! Way to go!! I love the experiential component."


Irene S. PT  


50% Off Sale July 4th Only 

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You were ravenous the last time. And we loved it! So, we are expanding our 50% off Groupon-like discount.


Buy ANYTHING* on our website July 4th and get it for 50% off.  

Yeppers. For 24 hours, all 2011 ATU main campus classes are $300 (a $600 value!)  Distance learning DVDs are half-price. Equipment, books, bibliographies... all on-the-cheap. Holy moley! Set your alarm clocks, people...


*Sorry ATU polyclinics are not included in offer. Class discounts are first-come-first-serve. Discounted products based on manufacturer participation. Website will reflect all discount prices and products starting at midnight July 4th - midnight July 5th Central Time. 


Get Rid of Those Troublesome CHLORAMINES   

Eyes burning? Skin itchy?  



Maintenance man ever tell you he gonna BLAST the pool?   


Tom Lachocki weighs in on misinformation about shocking & blasting.  


"I am pretty sure we don't use the word 'blast' anywhere in the Handbook," opines Lachocki. "The first five people who find 'blast' anywhere..."  Read more.  



Pulse of the Industry Poll 

census poll 

watsuWOUNDED WARRIORS take to the SURF 
Surfing for wounded warriors

They didn't know what kind of injuries the soldiers had, if they had PTSD, or if they'd be physically able to surf -- but that first day was just magical...

"The guys just opened up after surfing like you wouldn't believe."  


"They were talking about their experiences, both in the war and how they got injured, and how this was the happiest they've been since the day they were injured."

Watch Operation Surf video.


aquatic exercise for hip and knee 

The kind that confirms your suspicions.   

Read the meta-analysis that compares water and land studies for the LE's.


Need a few concrete ideas to get the ball rolling in your pool?

View aquatic protocol tidbits from Hays Ortho.

(Just enough for lunchtime viewing.)

ATU treatment ideasPRINT: 34 fresh aquatic ideas

Aquatic Exercise Chapter (22 pgs)

Documenting Aquatics (4 pgs)

DECIDE: Aquatics for CVAs? (45 pgs). For MS? (48 pgs)