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2011 ATU
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These novel trainings are for those veteran aquaticists who want to improve on what they already know. Stop repeating your last class; come to an ATU seminar.

Aquatic Therapy
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Aquatic Health

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Our life's work and most requested product is now on the market in 8 meaty volumes. These research bibliographies cover the years 1990-2011 and are sorted chronologically and alphabetically. If you are looking to justify aquatic therapy to your patients, providers and physicians, come visit our storefront and feast on these tasty offerings:


Vol 1: Musculoskeletal 

Vol 2: Rheumatology 

Vol 3: Cardio 

Vol 4: Neuro  

Vol 5: Geriatric 

Vol 6: Pediatric 

Vol 7: Pregnancy (Coming)

Vol 8: Balance (Coming)  


$45 (download)

$70 (hardcopy) 

Issue #876 June 2011

"ATU: Thank you for your interest in my work."

Peter Reck, PT

European Style Hydrotherapy in Natural Mineral Water



Aquatic therapy groupon

to register for Justifiable Aquatic Therapy for the Shoulder, Neck & Thoracic Spine.


In honor of the popular group-buying site, we are offering our own 50% off Groupon-like discount. Register here between Thurs. 8AM - Fri. 8AM* this week and get the class for just $300 (a $600 value).


Can't get your boss to move that fast? Book it on your personal card and submit the receipt for reimbursement.  


*This special runs: June 9th 8AM - June 10th 8AM Central time. Class is capped so this offer is 1st come, 1st serve. ATU ph: (800) 680-8624. 


34 Ideas to Kickstart Your Aquatic Motor  

brain drain


Looking for new ideas to assess how your clients are doing in the water? Try some of ours.  

  • Perform developmental transitions on floating mat (sit, kneel, supine, prone, quadruped, etc.)    
  • Perform successful repetitions of Shaker head raises (while lying supine in water).    
  • Perform lip and mouth closure and hold breath to perform mouth-only immersion for 10 seconds.

Let us prevent brain drain! 



aquatic therapy for spinal pain 

Deep water traction.  

We've been playing around with it forever. Does it decrease pain? Does it increase spinal height?


A more important question:
Does it really work? 

Is it a viable option for patients with back pain?

And how does it compare to land based options?

Read the 2011 research...

watsuWATSU bonanza... 
Watsu Russia 
courtesy WATSU Russia

Watsu as a treatment option for spastic tetraplegia?   

Download ATU's  Watsu research summary.

Order Aquatic Therapy Options for Cerebral Palsy, DD & the Medically Fragile Client (182 pg; $95)

Attend Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy Nov. 11-12, 2011.


semgSHOCKING treatment

Underwater sEMG???  

Aquatic muscle activity  


When Andrea Salzman's PT students explored aquatic sEMG  way back in 1996, they were breaking new ground.  

Well, surface EMG has finally come of age.