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Sep: Shoulder,Neck+Spine 5 left

Oct: Geriatric Protocols

Nov: Pediatric EBAT 

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Aquatic Health

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Our life's work and most requested product is now on the market in 8 meaty volumes. These research bibliographies cover the years 1990-2011 and are sorted chronologically and alphabetically. If you are looking to justify aquatic therapy to your patients, providers and physicians, come visit our storefront and feast on these tasty offerings:


Vol 1: Musculoskeletal 

Vol 2: Rheumatology 

Vol 3: Cardio 

Vol 4: Neuro  

Vol 5: Geriatric 

Vol 6: Pediatric 

Vol 7: Pregnancy (Coming)

Vol 8: Balance (Coming)  


$45 (download)

$70 (hardcopy) 

Issue #8623 May 2011

 "I used to spend a lot of time in the pool as a competitive swimmer, but not for 12 hours as we did during the course. I think I am just now recovering. It was fun!"  

 David V. DPT, Silver City, NM--Site of our first-ever polyclinic
AQUATIC THERAPY pre-utero?     

Aquatic therapy for fertility 

Aquatic therapy for pregnancy? Check.


For neonates? Check, check. 


For infants? Check, check, check. 


For ... fertility? Huh?  

Read all about it. 

Recession? WHAT Recession?
rubber ducky grad Introducing 2 New Ways to Stretch Your CEU Dollars

Found the perfect ATU class but your pocketbook won't cooperate? Well, now you can with these two new low-impact payment options:


Certificate Membership 

  • Perfect long-term option for those looking to complete a certificate track 
  • Pain-free monthly payment plan allows you to attend one ATU class each year
  • Enroll immediately in your 1st class after just one payment

ATU Layaway Coupons (remember layaway?)

  • Best suited for single-class enrollments
  • Each coupon is worth 100 points
  • Eligible for enrollment at 600 points (500 pts for discounted classes)
  • It's not just for Christmas anymore 

DROP THAT blankey in the pool, baby!  

Been hearing the buzz?  

Salzman blanket drills


6 fresh ideas from Andrea Salzman's Blanket Drills


Want to learn more?  


Attend Protocols for the Geriatric Patient for 18 hrs of new ideas.


Quick Screen for Quick Help

First ever. A web-based screen for TBI.Brain Injury
Check out the Brain Injury Screening Questionnaire (BISQ).

This online tool allows users to anonymously answer a series of questions to help people assess their risk and -- if needed -- find help.  

HALLIWICK bonanza... 
Johan Lambeck

Just about Rotational Control?   


Some big changes occurred with Halliwick Concept 2010. 


It's certainly no longer just about teaching swimming to the disabled.  


From Humphries Assessment of Aquatic Readiness to Ruth Tirosh's Water Assessment Test Alyn (WOTA)

Read Halliwick research on:

(Photo: Johan Lambeck demonstrating Halliwick)