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FeaturedOsteoporosis, Fibro, Pregnancy, SI
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Aquatic therapy for the female
Aquatic Therapy U
2011 ATU

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Take a look at our new classes for 2011. These basic- and intermediate- level trainings for those veteran aquaticists who want to improve on what they learned this year. But you have to act fast.

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Aquatic Interventions
for the Musculoskeletal Client

April 29-30
Location: Cheshire, CT

Credits: 16 hours

Instructor: PT 



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Issue #8328 March 2011

 " inspired to be creative and dynamic!"

  J. Hintsala

Something New Under the Sun

Bored out of your gourd?

Here are 6 fresh ideas
for working on balance & kinesthesia in the pool.


Try the Gutter Wash, Superman's, Balance Ball, the Get Dressed Drill and more. Download Andrea Salzman's ideas (PDF). 

Or, just attend our Portland, OR Balance class (April 2011).
Standards for the Industry

Looking for an authoritative source on pool temp? 


Should instructors be on deck?  


Should therapists spend 40 hours/wk in water?     


Download AEA's "Standards and Guidelines" (2011) 

Let's Get Organized!
Giving advice"Wear shoes so you don't slip on the deck."

"Don't worry if you can't swim, the pool is only 4'."

"Oh and the CDC says you are not to come for 2 weeks after you have diarrhea..."

Yikes, people! Issue a formal FAQ sheet about the therapy pool instead of all that random chatter.

Download this  sample doc to get to started.

 RESEARCH Research
Department of Defense Funds Research
Aquatic therapy for spinal cord injuryChristopher Reeve made us aware of what was possible with aquatic rehab.

So, where does SCI research we go from here?

How about 1.5 million dollars to show the way? 
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Underwater Interpretive Dance
Underwater Interpretive Dance


Underwater Skateboarding
Underwater Skateboarding
Underwater Boxing Match
Underwater Boxing Match

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