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Take a look at our new classes for 2011. These basic- and intermediate- level trainings for those veteran aquaticists who want to improve on what they learned this year. But you have to act fast.

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Women's Health

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Aquatic therapy for the female
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Aquatic Interventions
for the Musculoskeletal Client

April 29-30
Location: Cheshire, CT

Credits: 16 hours

Instructor: PT 



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Issue #827 March 2011

"Best course I've been to in my career..."

Lisa B, PT  

Medical Necessity s/p Total Knee Arthroplasty

Total Knee ReplacementAt a loss for how to justify aquatic therapy s/p surgery for your client?    


Language like this can be used to support the medical necessity of aquatic therapy.



 Are you a West Coast Wethead? Want to learn more? Enroll now in our Novel Balance, Proprioception and Fall-Prevention Strategies class coming to Portland, OR on

April 16-17, 2011. 

Sick Kids from Sick Air?

Asthma and water babiesNo More Water Babies?

A German agency has become the first to recommend that infants/toddlers avoid indoor pools.

The warning is based on studies that suggest disinfection byproducts formed from the reaction of chlorine when combined with organic compounds may.... <read on>

Stop Worrying About the Water & Start Worrying About the Air Quality
Bad Indoor Air Quality in Swimming Pools


Although eColi, Crypto and other nasty water-borne bugs get all the attention, bad air may cause much more long lasting health effects.

Indoor air quality is a big deal.

Read "Chloramines in the Air"

Rent, Don't Buy!

water cubeSo...You Want to Offer Aquatic Therapy
You consider building, but the capital start-up costs are intimidating.

Rent your space instead! There is loads of empty retail space out there begging for tenants.


How to find retail space on the cheap 

Problems with renting water at the local Y

Some start-up ideas from our network of therapists...
From our Aquatic Stack of Stuff
  drowning child videopool rap video

Funny video only a pool manager   How fast can your patient
          can appreciate!                            drown?

    Contains mild college humor