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Take a look at our new classes for 2011. Six new basic- and intermediate- level trainings for those veteran aquaticists who want to improve on what they learned this year. But you have to act fast. These classes are On-Demand & require 10 pre-enrollments   for activation.

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Issue #8017 Jan 2011
"Minneapolis was a whirl-wind weekend of great ideas. I've used so much of what I learned and love being creative with my patients. I've taken other aquatic courses and you've really raised the bar for me!"
Amanda B, PTA (Rochester, NY)
Chlorine Leak Evacuates Pool: Kids to ER

Chlorine LeakHalf-dozen ambulances mobilized when cupful of chlorine dropped.

Emergency crews were called to Minnesota- based Foss Swim Schools.

So, what would you do with panicked patrons and an evacuation of your entire pool?

Watch the clip.
Sensory Stim is All Wet!

aquatic therapy for the special needs child
Jump into your suit, grab your coffee and leave for work!

This daily ritual takes on a very literal meaning if you choose to work in the water with children on the spectrum. 

Many of us have experienced the sensory seeking child who loves the pool.


Read more from therapists Cindy Freedman & Ailene Tisser...

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Kickboards soggy? Collars leaky? Noodles moldy? Good news! Aquatic Therapy University is back in the equipment business. We've shopped Sprint, Kiefer, AquaLogix and other popular suppliers for the best in therapy-focused merchandise so you don't have to. And we've put it all under one roof so you can browse without ever having to leave the comfort of our new storefront. Submit your order before Feb 28th and get a 10% discount.

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