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Take a look at our new classes for 2011. Six new basic- and intermediate- level trainings for those veteran aquaticists who want to improve on what they learned this year. But you have to act fast. These classes are On-Demand & require 10 pre-enrollments   for activation.

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Issue #7920 Dec 2010
"The most inspiring teachers embody passion for their work ... Andrea Salzman is one such. She's as sparkling and energizing as the pools she works in. She impresses on us that movement and creativity are what aquatic therapy is all about. "

Sara F, LMT (another ATU blizzard victim)
Aquatic Exercise & the Diabetic

Aquatic therapy
Is it possible that immersion alone - even without exercise - can affect blood glucose levels? So says the research.

Throw in exercise and ..WOW!
Major sugar adjustment!

One take-home fact. Watch out for hypoglycemia immediately after aquatic exercise. Blood glucose levels can drop 27% during a single session.

Read more about aquatic physical therapy for the diabetic...
Aquatic Therapy University (ATU)
Evidence based aquatic therapy Who Has the Best Evidence?

Payers are starting to red-flag aquatic therapy like mad. They see it as a "different" kind of therapy than PT or OT. It requires a special support for medical necessity.

Come to Minneapolis in February and learn how to justify aquatic therapy... to the payer, the physician and the patient. Only 4 discount seats left!

Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy for the Musculoskeletal Client

(18 pre-approved hours crammed into 2 days. Free food. Free shuttle. Leave stuffed.)

Aquatic Terminology: What's in a Name?

Let's describe "aquatic therapy" to the world.

Some definitions, for starters...Aquatic therapy terms
  1. World Confederation for Physical Therapy
  2. Aquatic Physical Therapy Section of the APTA
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Aquatic Resources Network
Drip by Drip: Construction is All Dried Up

Credit drought
Economic recovery on the horizon? Not hardly...

Aquatic facility construction is slowing to a drizzle.

Read the Aquatics International story...
More Research from the Aquatic Trenches

Continued from last issue... more studies from the field...

Research checklist
From Our Aquatic Stack-of-Stuff

Aquatic therapy job board
$5000 sign-on bonus for Aquatic Therapist

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