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When you enroll in any of our twelve 2010 main campus courses
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baby marine

This 4-hour class is perfect for newbie aquaticists who have always wanted to treat in the pool but didn't have the skills to start. Learn proper handling techniques, hydrodynamics and more.  Enroll now in one of the following  specialty tracks and get your basic training for free.

Issue #76 13 Sep 2010
"...thank you for putting together the August lecture. We've started our own breakfast club and had 22 girl cross country runners come. It was a blast!!"
Kim G. Rochester, MN
ATU Polyclinics: Stay-at-Home CE for 2011

Dumpster swimming pools?Don't let your therapists hear another "MOMMY, DON'T GO!!!"

A few months back we surveyed aquatic directors and rehab managers to discover what they fret most about when sending staff off to continuing ed training.

Public enemy #1? Pulling their therapists away from family, followed closely by patient coverage and rising travel costs.

Need a way to keep your people fresh without impacting ops or morale? Consider ATU polyclinics, a new CE concept where we hit the road with our proven 2010 classes so your people don't have to.

From elite athlete to fragile child, we have a track that will interest your staff. Be you water newbies or aquatic black-belts, consider purchasing an ATU polyclinic now. It's aquatic therapy at its best and without the tears.

View our classes here...
Learn about our 100% discount option here...
Download a polyclinic application here...
Doughboy Donut Hole

Swimming CapWounded warriors are truly blessed by the attention and treatment they get in the service. Ditto for the disabled vets who get tended by the VA when discharged.

But for the rest of our injured heroes, many find themselves landing in a lonely chasm when returning home.

"When combat is over, the fight has just begun," notes Advance Magazine. "For some, care is just out of reach; for others, it's just out of reach."

Read the rest of the article here...
Is your community seeing an influx of Donut Hole vets? Don't know where to start when treating amputees, TBIs, SCIs, PTSDs? Then attend ATU's Aquatic Therapy for the Military class in Houston next month and learn from Mellisa Lewis, MPT, former director of aquatic therapy at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Techsupport No Help? Try Pool Talk

willard ratIs your slinger out of alignment? Hayward vari-flow sprung a leak? Got a dead rat in your pool? If so, you may find relief in the online knowledge-base at

Deep in the inner workings of Poolcenter, we discovered Pool Talk, a rich vein of articles, some 25,000 posts in all, about all things swimming holes. From wayward pH to temperamental lighting to tile coping and bacteria, find the tips that have helped others that just might help you.

Peruse Pool Talk here and find out you are not alone in your suffering...
Aquatic Cancer Scare on Drudge Report

do not enterSince the days of Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton, many Americans jump-start their day reading what's weird, funny or tragic on the Drudge Report.

This Monday's headline?

Swimming in chlorinated pools can lead to cancer

Gulp? You decide.
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    Aquatic Therapy in India           Pool Therapy in Barbados
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