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This 4-hour class is perfect for newbie aquaticists who have always wanted to treat in the pool but didn't have the skills to start. Learn proper handling techniques, hydrodynamics and more.  Enroll now in one of the following  specialty tracks and get your basic training for free.

Issue #74 26 July 2010
"One of my PT's attended your class in the Cities and I want to send at least one more...she said it was fantastic.  Send me your course schedules for next year please?"
Shani J., Chippewa Falls, WI

[ATU Clinicals will be coming to your town in 2011. Standby for more.]
Advance Magazine & ATU: Two Peas in a Pod

Cash FlowAdvance Magazine just launched a monthly online column on what's hot in the aquatic therapy industry. Of course, they chose ATU as their go-to source for all things aquatic.

ATU proudly announces the inaugural issue. Topic? Making aquatic therapy profitable.
HydroWorx Is On The Move. Literally.

HydroWorx x80You got to admit it. An adjustable depth pool with a treadmill floor? Pretty cool idea.

But you've got a pool so what good does that do you?

Well, good news, sunshine!

HydroWorx has heard your cries and just went portable. The HydroWorx X80 portable treadmill that is:
  • Massage & resistance jets
  • Treadmill (9mph!)
  • Underwater camera
  • Folding design
Want to see it in action? The X80 is making it's debut at our August sports medicine class. Bring your checkbook. It won't fit in Delta's overhead bin, but you'll want to take yours home any way you can.

[Editor's Note: HydroWorx is the Official Pool Sponsor of Aquatic Therapy University]
Fort Bragg can... well, brag

Injured military receive aquatic therapyStaff Sgt. Timothy Conley has been in the Warrior Transition Battalion for almost nine months.

His rehab includes aquatic therapy.

"It's outstanding. It's lovely. It's the only thing I've been able to do so far that didn't really hurt me," said Conley.

The aquatic warrior (Read his story)
Melissa Lewis, former Director of Aquatic Therapy at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is teaching our October Water Warrior class. Have the heart for returning vets but not the experience? Come learn from someone who's "been there, done that, has the tshirt."
Stand on the Shoulders of Students

Standing on shouldersDigital Commons is a hosted repository platform. In a nutshell? Cool place to find fabulous support for aquatic therapy and exercise.

Just released?
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swim suits for all ladyotter mom and baby
      Swim Suit Wear+Tear            Otter Swim Lessons
                                              (Moms, look familiar?)
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couponLooking forward to getting away from work to pick up some quick CEUs but hate to travel by yourself? Make continuing education fun by bringing a friend! Sign-up for any one of our 2010 ATU classes together with your favorite friend or co-worker and get $100 off each enrollment with our new BFF Discount ("Best Friends Forever"). You can register separately or concurrently. Either way, we will send you your $100 refunds when we receive your enrollment.
ATU Post-Graduate Studies. Provable. Profitable. Remarkable.