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Issue #72 28 June 2010
"My company has asked me to present on what I learned at ATU. I have no doubt it will lead to many more therapists coming to your courses."
Becky M., SLP
, Neenah, WI
An Easy Answer 4 a Perpetual Problem

Too Pooped to Write?
  • Patient's canceling because of $20 copays? Check.

  • 2 hrs of paperwork nightly? Check.

  • Manual, hands-on treatments a distant memory? Check, check, check.

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200 Legs in the Pool Are Against ATU Rules

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Reporter True Grimes writes about her virgin experience with Aquatic Therapy University in Advance Magazine this month...

"Most CEU companies try for 100 people in a class," cites Grimes.

"But in aquatic therapy, if you have a 100 people, there's
no pool big enough. You can't see under water. You
can't learn from the deck. Anything over 30 people, you're just asking for people to go home..."

Bottom line for therapists: if your instructor needs a headset for everyone to hear, your professional development may be taking a hit.

Read the write-up here...
More Aquatic Research to Make Your Day

  • Deep water runningKick fibromyalgia cytokines to the curb
    (June 2010)
  • What are the effects of regular deep water running on body?
    (Feb 2010)

  • Does aquatic exercise mean better total knee outcomes? (June 2010)
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Non-profits facilities can access Susan G. Komen grants to keep afloat...
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