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Issue #71 14 June 2010
"Honestly, I think it was the best seminar I have ever attended! I was given 5 minutes at our dept. meeting to talk about it and it was nearly impossible to stick to my time limit..."
Anne G, PT, Petoskey, MI
The Art of Caring... Not Sharing!

Posting Online
  • Constantly posting treatment ideas on an aquatic therapy listserv?

  • Like sharing your insider tips on a social network?

  • Love problem-solving troublesome patients on that online bulletin board?
Be darn careful what you post. You might just get fired.
Find out who did...
Save Costs? Or Start From Scratch?

Therapy Pool Construction

Building a new aquatic facility and plan to include aquatic therapy? Have you forgotten:
  • Unisex caregiver dressing rooms and showers?
  • A poolside exam room for quick "wet" use by therapists?
  • Cool, dry waiting areas for family? 
  • A supply shop?
  • A coffee shop or deli?
Download 3-page USA Swimming tip sheet.

Or, simply reduce your existing pool's expenses by 30-40% (over a long weekend).
21% Medicare Cuts for PT: Delayed

pillars of aquatic therapy
A 21% cut in reimbursement from Medicare is a BIG deal.

As you know, this Medicare physician fee schedule cut officially went into place June 1 but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have been holding claims since June 1st.

Given the possibility of Congressional action in the very near future, CMS is now directing its contractors to continue holding claims through Thursday, June 17th

More on cuts here...
Just Add Water.... From the Beginning Please!

Knee Dislocation Clippers Injured athlete? Put them in water. But what about before they ever got hurt?

By incorporating water from the beginning, you can make your athlete a lot less prone to injury as well as improve performance.

Read June 10th article on training athletes in water...

Aquatic Training Options for the Elite Athlete -- upcoming training designed for PTs, ATCs and coaches who train the elite... and those who only aspire to greatness!
In the Literature: Aquatic Therapy Makes the News

It's our job to keep you in the loop. Here's just some of the literature to hit the presses:
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