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Issue #69 31 May 2010
"I search my inbox for eSPLASH every week without fail."

Chris Kost, ACSM, AEA, Aqx CMT, CES
Aquatics Director, River Valley YMCA in Prior Lake, Minnesota
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Aquatic Therapy for Memory Care?
Aquatics for Alzheimer's?
You can always count on the South to treat its elders with respect. But, this isn't just about kindness, it's about a novel intervention for memory care.
South Carolina's WAVES program uses water to help promote emotional well-being and a sense of personal accomplishment in patients with dementia, while
  • improving appetite,
  • reducing stress and
  • helping residents get a great night's sleep.
atunewsATU NEWS
Spotlight: Aquatics in Houston!

Aquatics for sensory integration
Aquatic Sensory Integration
Can't make it to our peds courses in Minneapolis this year?

Take a cue from Mitzi Wiggins at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. This will be the 3rd year in a row Mitzi has brought an ATU custom course to TX.

Get info on Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Pediatric Therapist held in Houston, Tx (July 31-Aug 1, 2010).

Or, simply customize your own seminar by clicking here...
Nasty Pools, Grungy Pools, Icky Pools: Take your pick.

Pool inspectors. They're your friDo Not Enter!end. Really. In a just-published CDC study,
  • 12.1% of all pool inspections resulted in immediate closure. Why? No chlorine, for one.
  • Therapy pool inspections had the lowest percentage of disinfectant and pH level violations but the highest percentage of other water chemistry violations (43.9%)
More Quick Hits from the CDC's 2008 study...
Free Download: Patient Handout on Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy Handout
Advance Magazine just published an
Aquatic Therapy Patient Handout.

And, hey, they almost got it right
(catch the errors here).

Don't like this version? An older version is available. And another.

Don't want to use any of these versions in toto? Use them at-will for patient education. Cut and paste ideas, language, etc. into your own brochures and handouts. As long as it gets the word out to patients... have at it!
QuickQuick Hits
Too Cool or Too Crazy?!?
Keo Watsu
keo watsu

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