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This 4-hour class is perfect for newbie aquaticists who have always wanted to treat in the pool but didn't have the skills to start. Learn proper handling techniques, hydrodynamics and more.  Enroll now in one of the following  specialty tracks and get your basic training for free.

Issue #68 24 May 2010
"I was invigorated and exhausted!  But I love the way you structured the course.  I didn't come to Minneapolis to shop I came there to learn."

Marie Nielsen, PTA
Autism: Should Their Therapy be Covered?

Is autism-related therapy covered?
Autism Insurance Reform
Nationwide, few private insurance companies or other employee benefit plans cover autism therapies.

In fact, most insurance companies exclude any autism-related services.

Do you think aquatic therapy should be included as a benefit for children with autism? Click on the map to see if your state has started the ball rolling...

Attend Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Pediatric Therapist July 9-10, 2010 in Minneapolis and be prepared...
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ATU Crosses The Pond

chelsea stadium
If anyone were to ever compare English soccer to the NFL, then the Chelsea Football Club would have to be their Dallas Cowboys. English champions for 2010, Chelsea FC has a storied history and a fanatical following. To help them continue their winning tradition, club trainers have asked Aquatic Therapy University to come show how water can keep their players in winning form.

"We run our footballers in a HydroWorx 2000 and ATU's Aquatic Training Options for the Collegiate, Professional & Elite Athleteoffers the perfect curriculum for us,"   said Dr. Bryan English, Chelsea's Medical Director. ""  If we can learn how to better integrate shallow water plyometrics, vertical acceleration training and cardiovascular exercises into our pool regimen, we will be unstoppable next season."

Collegiate track coach and owner of AQx Sports, Dr. Garry Killgore, is an expert in water-based training and will be instructing. His runners are in the pool daily, whether healthy or injured. And for good reason; not only do his teams win championships but they also have a stress fracture rate of less than 1% compared to the national average of 14%.

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Picking a Swimsuit for the Larger-Busted Woman

Swimsuitsforall suits
What is your reply when a patient or co-worker asks for advice on selecting plus-size swim suits? Having been asked this same question ourselves, we solicited comments from one of our sponsors, SwimSuitsForAll, for some tips that we thought might help you out:

Read the article here...

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Healthcare Gotcha #1207: 1099's from Hell

tax money down the drain
For all you private practitioners out there (and clinics and aquatic centers and hospitals), this year's Healthcare Reform Bill has this little tidbit we thought you might like to know: 1099s will be required of goods AND services and corporations will no longer be exempt.

The good news: it doesn't take effect until 2012. The bad news: expect to pay $6000 more per year to comply. We recommend you take 1099s with you wherever you take your checkbook.

Read the Money magazine story here...
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