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Issue #67 26 April 2010
"I left for Cuba the day after your course so I haven't had the chance to thank you for such a fantastic course. I will surely attend future ATU courses. Your desire to share and your passion to heal makes you a unique therapist and presenter."

Johanne Audy-LeBlond, BPE, MES, aquathérapeute, Quebec
No Pool is Immune: A Sad Day in Texas

Therapy Pool Tragedy
Lifeguards Needed?
Officials are investigating the death of a man who appears to have drowned last week at a local physical therapy clinic in Harlington, Texas, police said.

Michael Siller, 20, died Monday afternoon at the Back to Action Physical Therapy clinic, police said.

Officers received a call from the clinic about 2 p.m. Monday saying Siller was unresponsive. He died soon after officers and emergency medical personnel arrived continue story here..

Are lifeguards required? Even at a therapy pool?
atunewsATU NEWS
ATU Director Gets APTAs Highest Award

Andrea Salzman photo
Andrea Salzman, MS, PT has received the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) 2010 Judy Cirullo Award for Leadership.

"When the Aquatic Section called to tell me that I had received this year's Cirullo award, I was quite pleased," says Salzman.

"I have no trouble remembering 1996 when David Morris called on me to serve as Editor-in-Chief for the section's journal. I thought he was on drugs. What did I know about aquatic therapy? What did I know about editing a journal?" Read more...

Send us a favorite (or funny) Andrea story -- how has she has helped you in the industry? We'll send you an ATU bauble.
Autism & Water: They Do Mix

Come to Minneapolis for Rx options...
Aquatic therapy for autistic pts
ASK eSPLASH: What resources are available for aquatic therapists working with the autistic population?

Answer: Well... lots. Here's a start.

1. Link to Advance magazine 7 part series on autism and aquatic therapy.

2. Link to Aquatic Sensory Integration DVD and Distance Learning module.

3. Link to join social networking group on Autism and Aquatic Therapy.

4. Link to Aquatic Therapy for Rett Syndrome (8 pgs).
Want to learn more about pediatric aquatic therapy? Enroll now in one of our remaining 2010 classes:
Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Pediatric Client (Mpls, July 9-10)
Aquatic Therapy Options for Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disabilities & the Medically Fragile Patient (Mpls, November 12-13)
BARKING MAD: Pools for Pooches, Not People

Hey... who's in charge here?
Aquatic Therapy for Pets
Just ask the Brits: Sometimes it's easier to get aquatic therapy for pets than owners.

Individuals with muscular diseases couldn't find pools and couldn't get an appointment anywhere in the South West region of England.

The group's 55-pg study, Access to Hydrotherapy, showed that...continue story.
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How to Build, Buy & Profit from a Therapy Pool (Colorado Springs, May 5-7)
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