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Issue #66 17 April 2010
"Dr. Becker, Andrea and the information they taught have inspired me. I left Saturday realizing I wasn't the therapist I wanted to be or could be. But after spending some alone time on Sunday, I realized..." Read her story.

Marie N, PTA, Orange City, IA after attending the April Total Hip & Knee class. She plans to return for the Back & Chronic Pain class in June.
Aquatic Therapy Practice: Raided by FBI

FBI raid of aquatic therapy practice
FBI raid of aquatic therapy practice
Members of the FBI raided a therapy center in Connecticut earlier this week.

Agents were seen going in and out of the Roberts Physical and Aquatic Therapybuilding in Old Saybrook, Connecticut on Wednesday.

Federal agents were acting on a tip and had a warrant to search the facility. Law enforcement officials could be seen confiscating paper files as well as computers...

Read more here..

Research Focus: Aquatics for Little Bodies

Is aquatic therapy useful in pediatric populations?
Aquatic therapy has been shown to be effective for fibro, arthritis, back pain and many other adult disorders.

But what of the child with neuro issues?

Well, it was finally a good year for research for the little guy.
Want to learn more about pediatric aquatic therapy? Enroll now in one of our remaining 2010 classes:

Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Pediatric Client, Mpls, July 9-10, 2010
Aquatic Therapy Options for Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disabilities & the Medically Fragile Patient, Mpls, November 12-13, 2010

Ask eSPLASH: Solving the Noise Problem in Pools

Fighting acoustics in pool?
Acoustical problems in pools

ASK eSPLASH:  I have a question regarding echoes in our pool room.

Do you have any suggestions on what materials or plants  to use in order to decrease the echo? Thank you, Sarah
Diarrhea: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Is 2 weeks overkill?
Diarrhea - the gift that keeps on giving
We've been asked again and again about the 2-week rule for diarrhea.
  • Who says I have to wait that long?

  • What should I tell my patients to compel them to comply?
Here are the facts from the horse's mouth (the CDC in this case)

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Spinal paralysis rehab -- underwater views
underwater spinal work
Moms & Babies: Gorgeous aquatic video from Russia
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