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Army Recruits Aquaticists
East-Coast Wetheads Rejoice!
Aquatic Certifications: Round 12
Chilling Effect for Therapists in CA
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This 4-hour class is perfect for newbie aquaticists who have always wanted to treat in the pool but didn't have the skills to start. Learn proper handling techniques, hydrodynamics and more.  Enroll now in one of the following  specialty tracks and get your basic training for free.

Issue #62  22 February 2010
"... I love getting your weekly updates and articles ... I am always reading your articles and posting them on the schedule boards on the PT and OT offices. You do a great job. Keep them coming!"

Tia, Philadelphia, PA
Pilot Program for Wounded Warriors
wounded vet in pool
The US Army is going under.

Underwater that is. A fantastic pilot program is underway investigating how well water works...
  • for ongoing PT and OT sessions; and
  • for soldiers with continued limitations after discharge. 
For details on this Aquatic Warrior Exercise Program and more, read more here...
Peggy's On-Staff at ATU

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Back by Popular Demand!
Peggy Schoedinger's Hands-on Aquatic Therapy Techniques for the Orthopedic & Neuro Client
Returning to Simsbury, CT Mar 27-28, 2010

This fast-paced clinical-intensive seminar will put your body in the pool for two days of advanced skill acquisition. International superstar instructor, Peggy Schoedinger, PT, will be presenting a survey of popular techniques for treating the musculoskeletal and neurological client. After this course, you will leave with new concrete skills and the confidence to apply them to your patients back home. And you'll have a blast doing it. Enroll now before her class fills up again.

Cost: $595
$495 with BFF Discount
(see coupon below)

Aquatic Certification: Dead on the Vine...Or Viable Option?
gold starsThe members of the American Physical Therapy Association's Aquatic Section have waited a long time.

So, is a specialty certification finally going to come to pass?

Flashback Sept 2007 -- remember when the ICATRIC (body which administered ATRI certification) closed its doors and everyone asked what would happen to their certification?

And what ever happened to NCCARD? Anyone?
Contractors Beware: CA Wants Your Cash

red card

California is considering a new law that would require businesses to withhold payments to subcontractors. Dubbed "revenue acceleration," the bill aims to fill the states' empty coffers with a quick infusion of dollars but may instead backfire when clients find it easier to terminate agreements rather than take on this new logistical nightmare.

Should you travelers and private-practice therapists be worried? Will other states soon follow suit?
Save $200
bffLove getting out of town to pick up a few quick CEUs but dread traveling and staying at a hotel by yourself? Then tell your boss about our new BFF Discount ("Best Friends Forever"). Enroll now in our Simsbury class along with your very favorite friends and co-workers and get $100 off each of your enrollments. But you have to act quick. Attendance is capped and there are only 10 seats left. ATU Post-Graduate Studies. Provable. Profitable. Remarkable.
Offer Expires: Mar 13, 2010