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This 4-hour class is perfect for newbie aquaticists who have always wanted to treat in the pool but didn't have the skills to start. Learn proper handling techniques, hydrodynamics and more.  Enroll now in one of the following  specialty tracks and get your basic training for free.

Issue #61  8 February 2010
"I was gathering evidence-based research for an open house at our clinic later this week and took some time to read your articles again. Just wanted to say 'thanks' for providing the tools we need to promote aquatic therapy."
Marie N., Orange City, IA
It's Time. Advocate for Early Pool for Knees & Hips
Aquatic therapy for TKR and THR
Patients who have just undergone a Total Hip or Total Knee Replacement have "problems" you know how to solve.

Recent research shows the pool can be the perfect place to be for the first month or so after surgery.

But many MDs don't think pool. So they neglect one of best options for THR and for TKR  immediately post-op.

No more! Come hear Dr. Bruce Becker and physical therapist Andrea Salzman make an evidence-based case...and learn loads of lab ideas for this population.

Enroll in our April 9-10th class...  Justifiable Aquatic Therapy Strategies for the Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement Client
Top 10 Romantic Spas for 2010
romantic spa
Looking to get away this weekend to a spa that specializes in rejuvenating "2-body energy systems?" Then you will be glad to know the folks at have your back. From lavender oil foot baths in Jamaica to Scandinavian ice grottos in Turkey, you'll be tempted to hop a plane yourself to finally get that well-deserved Pinole cinnamon scrub you two have always dreamed about. All in time to be back treating patients on Monday.

Read the Top 10 list here...

Can't get away? Read the Top 10 list of romantic spa ideas for shut-ins here...
Find it Fast: Then Tell Your Friends!

Aquatic therapy command center

Want a single page where you can get all your pressing aquatic questions answered? Where you can find insight and on all the hot industry topics? Where you can download all the advice you need on Medicare denials, exclusive use of rental pools, 2-week rule for diarrhea, MRSA transmission, ADA compliance and more?

Well, you've come to the right place. Click here now to view our Aquatic Hot-Sheet where you can find our most popular downloads.
History in the Making: We've come a long way, baby!
The dark ages...unwashed for 500 years
Just to hit the highlights...
500BC. Connection made between the physical and mental states. Surge of private bathing and public bath houses. 

The fall of Rome. Remaining bath houses became stagnant, hotbeds of vice, sources of infection, area of prostitution, moral decay.

1924. Franklin Roosevelt popularized therapeutic swimming and pool exercise by visiting Warm Springs clinics.

2010. Aquatic Therapy University was launched, the first curriculum-based, tiered, continuing education program for aquatic therapy studies.

Whether you need it for your your research paper, school project, student handouts, or a late-night coma-inducer... here is your very own copy of aquatic therapy's historic record historic record.
Save $75
Have a heart for children? Then come to Birmingham, AL Feb 27-28, 2010 where Aquatic Sensory Integration is the focus of our Southern campus class. The food is free, transportation is free and your stay at the Holiday Inn Express is just $71/night. Enroll now and we will even waive your one-time enrollment fee of $75. ATU Post-Graduate Studies. Provable. Profitable. Remarkable.
Offer Expires: February 13, 2010