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Issue #60  25 January 2010
"So love you. Could not give best info to my students without you. Please keep up the good work!"
Steph T., Isle of Wight, UK
Beyond Deep Water Running: Training & Rehab of the Highly-Proficient Athlete
High school miler trains in water
had already been sold on the idea of aquatics for rehabilitation. Every morning he would go to the local Y and perform deep water running.

But the water had so much more to offer....

After hooking up with a trainer and PT in a local HydroWorx pool, the injury-plagued high school miler went on to shatter the state record by more than 4 secs with a time of 4:01:09. Read his inspiring story...

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Aquatic Therapy & Exercise LightboxAquatic Therapy & Exercise Lightbox
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Aquatic Therapy & Exercise LightboxAquatic Therapy & Exercise Lightbox
Download of the Week: Effectiveness of Aquatic Exercise & Water Immersion Therapies
Aquatic exercise effectiveness 
Struggling to find actual research online? Enjoy our feature download.

Today's Article: Effectiveness of aquatic exercise and balneotherapy: A summary of systematic reviews based on randomized controlled trials of water immersion therapies (Kamioka et al; 2010)


Excerpt: We found evidence that aquatic exercise had small but statistically significant effects on pain relief and related outcome measures of locomotor diseases (eg, arthritis, rheumatoid diseases, and low back pain)...

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