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Issue #59  18 January 2010
"This is one of the most amazing reads ... Your newsletters always bring a wealth of inspiration to me ... Thank you for all you do."
Fran S.
San Ramon, CA

Treatment Strategies for the Geriatric Patient
geriatric lady needing aquatic therapy
How would you like
to learn a water-based training program involving use of unpredictable, multi-directional perturbations in a group setting to evoke compensatory and volitional stepping responses?

Download study protocol.

Enroll in our Feb. Geriatrics Class...Water-Based Interventions for the Geriatric Client: An Aquatic Therapy Primer and learn about this study... and over 2 dozen other methods to challenge the elderly patient in water.
Renting Space? Get it in writing...

Using community pool for Medicare Patient
Are you using the community pool for treating Medicare patients? Did you know that when you rent space, you must have the following information in your contract:
  • A written description of the part of the pool that is used exclusively by your patients;

  • A written description of the times you have exclusive use.
Read the Medicare rule yourself...
(note: this only applies to clinicians in a PT or OT private practice, physician office, outpatient hospital, or outpatient SNF)
Videos Show Possibilities: Learn more online
Water pilates 
Are you a visual learner?

Want to see the possibilities of aquatic therapy in living video? Watch these clips:
Join the Aquaticnet Social Network and contribute your own video clip. Join 406 aquatic clinicians here...
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