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Frail Elderly Find a Home in Water
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Issue #58  4 January 2010
Aquatic Balance Training for the Elderly
  balancing stonesLine up all the residents in your nursing home. Send half of them to the pool once a week; the other half, twice.

What do you think happens? To their balance? Their ADLs? Their mood?

Would it surprise you to learn that...

Read research abstract.

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Novel Aquatic Balance, Proprioception & Fall Prevention Strategies Online Patient Feedback

patients like me website
Want to know what your clients are saying about their treatment and aquatic therapy in general? Check out this interesting website that displays patient feedback in simple-to-understand graphics. It may be a fun way for your existing patients to chronicle their progress as well as an intriguing new marketing tool for winning new prospects.

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Pool Equipment: Enhancement or Hand-cuff?
underwater plinth 
The beauty of the pool is that the water is your plinth.

Clients can float serenely in supine, yet you can still access the spine, arms and legs freely.

Someday, however, you wish you had just
  • a BIT MORE stability.
But, I say. Isn't this going too far? Or is it the next hot trend in aquatics...
Watch the video here...