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Bringing in the Business
Pregnancy Pause
Dry Hydrotherapy -- All Wet?
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 Peds Class Comes to
ATU-South in February
Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Pediatric Therapist:
Using Water to Modulate Vestibular, Tactile, Proprioceptive, Visual & Auditory Input

pediatric aquatic therapy

A 16-hr training module designed to teach therapists how to transition their therapy pool into a sensory room. Extrapolated from the 16 treatment station concept, therapists will harness the use of common everyday items such as bath blankets, snow shovels, umbrellas, polyspots and clingy clothes to create a sensory effect.

Where: Birmingham, AL
When: 27-28, 2010
Who: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT
Jennifer Tvrdy, OTDR/L
Price: $595

Sign up by Jan 5th and we will waive your $75 enrollment fees!
Aqua Creek Products
aqua creek lift
Get those 11th hour CEUs in 2009 for the whole staff...
Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Child

aqautic sensory integration book and wreath

Activities Include:

Hot Tub Party
Shower Picnic
Car Wash
Get Dressed Relay
Wall Blasters
Feed the Dolphin
(and over 50 more innovative play-based exercises)

(therapist edition)

(DVD-only for caregivers and families)

Watch the "Get Dressed Relay"

Get more info here

Issue #57  14 December 2009
Business Can be Booming: Plans for Expansion
Therapy Pool Construction 
Has your company finally seen the light? Are you ready to put in your own pool or expand your practice? Full steam ahead?

Stop. A therapy pool or aquatic practice can be a money pit for years to come.
  • Need more information? Download The Decision Matrix (PDF) on calculating the costs & benefits of putting in a therapeutic pool.
Marketing Ideas for a Slow Season
Aquatic therapy gift 
If you've exhausted your ideas for marketing your therapy pool during the cold winter months, read on.

How about offering Aquatic Gift Certificates as a last minute Christmas present?

One Michigan facility offered its patrons certificates good for 10 sessions in their 92 aquatic therapy pool. Why not give the gift of health?
Download of the Week: Preggers Patients in the Pool
  aquatic exercise during pregnancy
Struggling to find
actual research PDFs online? Enjoy our Download of the Week.

Article: Water aerobics in pregnancy: cardiovascular response, labor and neonatal outcomes (Baciuk; 2008)

F/U Article: Water Aerobics II (Cavalcante; 2009)

DOWNLOAD PDF #1 now...
DOWNLOAD PDF #2 now...

Excerpt: Water aerobics for sedentary pregnant women proved to be safe and was not associated with any alteration in ...
Dry Hydrotherapy... Cash becomes king as payers bail
Spray of water in dry hydrotherapy 
In dry hydrotherapy, the water is contained in a bed or chair, and the patient is separated from the water by a waterproof barrier, such as a vinyl cover.

Do you consider it therapy?

Is it reimbursable?

What one company says about benefits -- to your bottom line.
Aquatic Therapy University:Low-Cost/Small-Footprint
aquatic therapy university logo orange glowSave now on our Jan-Feb-Mar
Main Campus Classes

Christmas pinching your wallet and Congress squeezing your paycheck? We feel your pain. That is why Aquatic Therapy University is doing its part to make your CE dollars go further. Our airport services over 110 non-stop cities. That means cheaper airfare. Stay at Staybridge Suites, our official hotel sponsor, for $74/night and get free shuttle service. That means no car rental. And with breakfast provided at the hotel and hot mealsprovided on-campus, that means you can virtually eat for free.

Enroll now in one of our upcoming Winter classes and see what we mean when we say ATU is provable, profitable and remarkable.

Jan 14: GS901-I Want to Teach!
Jan 15: GS701-Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp
Jan 15-16: MS701-Water-Based Intervention for the Musculoskeletal Client

Feb 12: GS701-Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp
Feb 12-13: GE701-Water-Based Intervention for the Geriatric Client

Mar 12: GS701-Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp
Mar 12-13: PS701-Water-Based Intervention for the Pediatric Client