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Issue #56  7 December 2009
Aquatic Therapy Denial... Would you pay?
Pain from fibromyalgia - does aquatic therapy help? Is aquatic therapy more appropriate than land? A 54-year-old female with a history of fibromyalgia requests reimbursement for her aquatic therapy. Her plan denied these requests based upon a determination that the therapy was not medically necessary.

Was her aquatic therapy denial overturned?
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Mar 12: GS701-Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp
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Overheard on Social Network...
payment for pool use 
Reader Question: I operate my Aquatic Therapy [practice] out of our local YMCA pool....

They renegotiated my contract to charge me directly a flat fee and they would no longer be collecting from the patients directly.

Can I break down that new fee and charge my patients the balance that they would have paid to the Y or do I need to consider this a "cost of doing business" expense?

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Download of the Week: Borg Scale for Aquatic Exercise in Cardiac Population?

Borg scaleStruggling to find actual research PDFs online? Enjoy our new feature: Download of the Week.

Today's Article: The Borg scale as an important tool of self-monitoring and self-regulation of exercise prescription in heart failure patients during hydrotherapy (Carvalho; 2009)


Excerpt: Exercise guided by the Borg scale maintains the patient's HR between the anaerobic threshold and respiratory compensation point (ie, in the exercise training zone).....  
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