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January ATU Class

This 14-hour primer  introduces clinicians to basic treatment ideas for the musculoskeletal patient. "Sampler lab" includes Watsu®, the Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Ai Chi, Task Type Training Approach, the Aquatic Berg (for balance), Aquatic Sensory Integration (ASI) and drills loosely based on the Halliwick Method.

Where: Minneapolis, MN
When: Jan 15-16, 2010
Who: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT
Price: $595

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Aqua Creek Products
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Issue #55   30 November 2009
Download of the Week: Aquatic exercise for the cardiac patient?

Aquatic exercise for the cardiac patient?Struggling to find actual research PDFs online? Enjoy our new feature: Download of the Week.

Today's Article: Benefit of warm water immersion on biventricular function in patients with chronic heart failure. (Sveälv; 2009)


Excerpt: Hydrotherapy was well tolerated by all patients. Although 8 weeks of hydrotherapy did not improve cardiac function, our data support the concept that exercise in warm water is an acceptable regime for patients with heart failure.....  
Swim Diaper Compendium
swim diapersGot crypto in the pants? We have compiled a list of resources to help educate you and your staff about this continuing problem. Take measures now to fine-tune your pool policy and procedures to reduce your exposure.
Notice to Equipment Buyers
kids swim equipment 
Over the years, you have enjoyed buying great swim equipment from us at rock-bottom prices. This is about to change as many of our vendors re-evaluate their business models. Until new discount structures can be firmed up, Aquatic Resources Network is announcing that starting January 1, 2010, we will be discontinuing all equipment sales. While it may take several months to renegotiate our agreements, rest assured we will be fighting to get you the most value for the right mix of products. In the mean time, please feel free to buy from our partners direct by visiting their websites.
Favorable Reviewer Outcomes
doctor woman 
Eavesdrop on some recent decisions made by physician reviewers as they were asked by insurance providers to rule on the medical necessity of aquatic therapy. In this edition of a multi-part series, a 65-year-old female enrollee has requested water exercise with a physical therapist for treatment of her knee pain.