Aquatic Therapy University logoFinally... A Plan for Your
Studies in Aquatic Therapy

Andrea Salzman photoFor the last 14 years, the Aquatic Resources Network has offered fantastic continuing education seminars for the aquatic therapist.

One thing was missing.

A cohesive plan. A progression of knowledge. A way to ensure that our students were working towards new technical skills and an evidence-based practice of aquatic therapy. Every time they registered.

WE KNEW we did not want to get in the business of certifying individuals. There are too many professions, with too many asymmetric scopes of practice, to make that practical. Plus, we believe in the power of state licensure. Got a therapy license? Fine, you are "permitted" to work in water. Now you need to learn what the heck you're doing in there...

Aquatic therapy universityThus was born Aquatic Therapy University.
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