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Issue #53   9 November 2009
Workers Compensation Rulings on Aquatic Therapy

Injured workers
These people were all hurt on the job.

Every one of them was entitled to Workers Compensation. However, many specific claims were denied.

So, was the injured worker entitled to:
To Guard or not to Guard

LifeguardDo therapy pools need lifeguards on duty?

Some states consider therapy pools as "public" pools. Other states have a "semi-public" or "special pool" or "therapeutic pool supervised by a licensed medical practitioner" category.

What about your pool?..

Billing Scenarios for PTs and OTs (11 pages of them!)

CMS Medicare billing scenariosOften, when we share information about treating Medicare patients in the pool, we hear "Where does it say that in writing?"

Well, here it is from the horse's mouth. And this document includes information about all kinds of billing snafus -- not just group billing.

Read CMS billing cheat-sheet...
Weight-loss with water exercise? Fat chance!

Overweight person
Just out. Wondering if aquatic exercise helps obese clients?

YAY! Not only is water a safe, low-impact environment, but aquatic exercise can change the way your body reacts to food.

One study showed that aquatic circuit-training improved glucose and insulin response to a glucose challenge in overweight women.

Get the skinny here...