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Issue #52   26 October 2009
Welcome to our 52nd edition of eSplash, the premier online newsletter for the aquatic therapy industry, reaching almost 5,000 subscribers every week. To thank you for your patronage, we have scanned our archives to bring you the 10 most-clicked stories of the past year. While money, bodily fluids and Acts of God seem to predominate everyone's interests, all is not lost; an actual therapy topic did make the cut at #10. So dry off, sit back and enjoy a trip down memory lane with us and all our past sponsors as we look forward to serving you again for Year Two.
#1 Defining When Aquatic Therapy is Appropriate

bcbs logoInsurance companies are starting to establish limits on what they consider appropriate use of interventions such as aquatic therapy. Here are some examples of what one payor considers appropriate use of aquatic therapy.

Read more here...
#2 Vomit, Blood and Stool in My Pool... Oh My!

Blood in waterDid you know there is no public health reason to recommend closing the pool after a blood spill? Wouldn't you want your pool to close after someone bled into the water?

Read why the CDC says there is no need to close down...
#3 MRSA Debate: Can it be transmitted?

Little swimming boy
Would you allow a patient who was currently infected with MRSA into your therapy pool?

What if they had an
open wound

What if they were colonized, but did not have an active infection?

Would it surprise you to know that more and more community residents are colonized? And they don't necessarily tell you...

Read more here...
#4 Pool Safety During Electrical Storms

While there are many urban legends in the world of aquatics, one is by far the greatest of all--lightning and indoor swimming pools. The truth is, the practice of clearing indoor pools during outside thunderstorms does not keep people safe.

Read more here...
#5 DENIED, DENIED, DENIED: Why don't they like us?

Aquatic Exercise for the MS Patient manualAs with all Medicare services, aquatic therapy must be medically reasonable and necessary in order for the provider to receive payment.

So why are some Medicare Intermediares choosing to
aquatic therapy?


#6 Who Says it's a Group?

Water Group 
We all know group classes when we see them. The arthritis exercise class that meets from 9-9:45 is a group class. The fibromyalgia class that meets every Monday, Wednesday, Friday... that's a group. But wait a minute. Medicare thinks some of you should be billing group therapy instead of 1:1 aquatic therapy every time you hit the water.
Read more here...
#7 Diarrhea: Do Swim Diapers Make the Grade?
The National Swimming Pool Foundation wanted to know if swim diapers really helped reduce waterborne illnesses in the pool. This week, they highlighted the results of their study and what they found may have you revising policy. 

Read the press release here (pdf)...
#8 Aquatic Specifics for Parkinson's

old man 
Looking for new ideas for how to work with the Parkinson's client in the pool? Download this free 35 page Aquatic Exercise manual. It is 100% aquatic advice ... specific to this population. And it is published by the American Parkinson Disease Association so you know it's up to date.

Read the manual here (pdf)...

#9 Most Amazing Pools in the World

biggest pool
Many facilities are spending hundreds of thousands on their pools in hopes of attracting customers.  If you are thinking about upgrading or building new, check out some of these luxury pools and be inspired.

Read more here...
#10 It Isn't Always the Weight Bearing...

bone density You've heard the conventional wisdom. Aquatic exercise is nice, but what about bone loss? Only weight-bearing activities can retard (and even reverse) bone loss. Right?

Hmmm. Well someone better tell these guys, soon.

Read more here...