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When: Nov 13-15, '09
How Much: $595

Issue #51   19 October 2009
Help a Grad Student Help our Industry

Aquatic therapy industry surveyA East Carolina Univ. grad student is conducting a research study to understand the profile of aquatic rehabilitation, fitness, & training practitioners.

Help her out. Give 10 minutes & she'll get input from almost 5000 therapists worldwide. Your responses are anonymous.

Complete survey here...

DENIED, Again I say denied
It was a reasonable referral. Aquatic therapy denied again

10 sessions of aquatic therapy. Denied. Why?

Here's why: The patient's treating doctor signed a request for pre-authorization of 10 sessions of aquatic therapy. He provided no justification for his request.

Given the statutory requirement
(under TX Worker's Compensation) the patient had the burden of proof. She failed to provide expert medical evidence based on some credible scientific study or treatment guideline...

[eSplash Editor Note: The sad thing? We could have helped her find plenty of support]

Read the decision.
Black Children: Aquatic potential, untapped?
Boy swimming 
The Valley Swim Club (PA) canceled a contract for swimming privileges for 65 children from the Creative Steps day care center after their first visit.

Why'd they get the boot?

Lawsuit contends racism...

Nearly 60% black children can't swim...
Answered, archived & (newly) accessible!
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