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Peggy's Last Class of the Year!

Peggy Bad Ragaz

Peggy Schoedinger's 3-Day Hands-On Aquatic Therapy

With Peggy teaching classes overseas for most of the year, she is in hot demand here in the States. Come to the East Coast this fall to catch this rare sighting on one of the last few days she's here.

When: Nov 13-15, '09
How Much: $595

20 hours
(over 70% pool lab!)

Only 8 spots remaining!
Issue #50   12 October 2009
Tell me again: "How many patients is too many...???"
Group of people in pool 
We've tackled this before, but the question keeps rearing its stubborn head.

What exactly constitutes group therapy in the pool?

Read 12 pages of examples from the APTA...
The Power of Water: Zero-Intervention Therapy
Water babies
Part of aquatic therapy's inexplicable magic is the healing power of the medium itself. Watch this compelling video of babies with disabilities progressing on their own and you'll see why water is such a force multiplier all by itself.

Watch the video here....
Finally! Just for the provider: An evidence-based look at treating MS in the therapy pool.

Aquatic Exercise for the MS Patient manualCheck out this Aquatic Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis download.

At 15 pages long, it goes a long way towards helping you help your patients with MS.

Download Aquatic Exercise (PDF) only.

See all available downloads on MS and exercise, pain, muscle strengthening and more.

National MS Society... on benefits of aquatics.

Aquatics International: More Free Education
Free Aquatic Education You don't have to get out of your pjs... or into a swimsuit.

Attend "Reinventing Aquatics: Collaboration, Innovation and Inspiration" for free.

Learn More...
Rescue on the Serengeti
baby elephant
Water safety isn't just for homo sapiens anymore.

Watch video of mama elephants playing lifeguard to save their drowning baby.