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Once again, TKR pts find their way to water
So what did you do last weekend?
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Another reason for that cold shower
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Nov 13-15, '09

20 hours
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Issue #49   21 September 2009
DENIED, DENIED, DENIED: Why don't they like us?

Aquatic Exercise for the MS Patient manualAs with all Medicare services, aquatic therapy must be medically reasonable and necessary in order for the provider to receive payment.

So why are some Medicare Intermediares choosing to
aquatic therapy?


MORE PROOF: Total knee replacements belong in water
Total Knee Replacement What is it the insurance companies say about working in the water?

That the research isn't there to support it?

Or that any research that is available is weak and inconclusive?

Well, this Total Knee Replacement study scores an 8/10 on the PEDro scale. That's as good as it gets in the PM&R world.

Birmingham, AL: 20 hours of aquatic goodness
Birmingham gang 
Over 30 therapists gathered last weekend at the stunning Lakeshore Foundation pool for our sold-out Birmingham seminar.

Listen to what Lori Winebrenner of Bloomington, IN said about the weekend:

"Peggy does an amazing job of keeping interest high, motivating each person and explaining things so easily that it made it a great learning experience. I would definitely come to another one of her seminars."

Object Lesson? Don't wait to register for Simsbury, CT -- it just might be too late. This is Peggy's only East Coast appearance and we cap her courses to keep them cozy.

What: Peggy Schoedinger's 3-Day Hands-On Aquatic Training
Where: Simsbury, CT
When: Nov. 13-15, 2009
Early Bird Price: $595
Register Now
H1N1 Virus: Shut down? Quarantine pool users?
Swine Flu Swine Flu comes to a pool near you...

Yes, human-to-human transmission of H1N1 virus can occur. Even at your pool.
A COLD SHOWER? Could it be that easy?
Cold shower for depression
One researcher postulates that depression can be alleviated by taking a shockingly cold shower 1x to 2x per day.

Why it might work.