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Nov 13-15, '09

20 hours
(over 70% pool lab!)

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Issue #48   14 September 2009
Hot Button Issue: Pets treated better than humans?
15 million Is it right to spend 15 million on rehab for pets?

You decide. A new hospital has opened in Glasgow with MRI and CT scanners and a hydrotherapy pool - all for pets.

So, people are asking: Is it right to spend 15million on a treatment center for animals when humans have to wait for the same treatments?
Money for Therapy Pools: Grants to Pools

Christopher Reeve did much of his rehab in water; in fact, he made some of his only limb movements while in a pool.

So, it's natural that his organization has a special interest in infusing therapy pools with needed cash.

4 therapy pools which recently received $4k-$16K

Apply for Reeve's QOL grant
BUDGET BUSTED? Try Free Aquatic Therapy Education
Online training Spent all your Continuing Education money?

How does free online education for the aquatic therapist sound?

S/P Knee Patients: Find their home in water
Knee Surgery Every therapist must admit that treating the TKR patient can be tricky.

The combo of pain, limp, swelling, weakness and ROM restrictions is hard to treat... and it only gets harder as the months progress.

The answer?
Back From Down Under: Last seminar this year
peggy schoedinger 
Since 1990, Peggy Schoedinger, PT has taught over 500 aquatic therapy seminars for therapists at facilities across North and  South America, Europe and Asia.

And her final seminar for the year is drawing near. Join our 20 hour seminar with over 70% pure aquatic lab. This class is capped at 25 people so register quick if you want a seat.

What: Peggy Schoedinger's 3-Day Hands-On Aquatic Training
Where: Simsbury, CT
When: Nov. 13-15, 2009
Early Bird Price: $595
Register Now