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Issue #47   7 September 2009
Neonatal Aquatic Therapy...No, Really?!?

Aquatic therapy on the NICUDo your neonatal nurses get a wee bit uptight every time a PT or OT comes in to position and feed their tiny preemies?

Now imagine their terror if those same therapists said "Today, we're in the pool!"

Read how Jane Sweeney, PT took hydrotherapy into the NICU!
MRSA Debate: Can it be transmitted?
Little swimming boy
Would you allow a patient who was currently infected with MRSA into your therapy pool?

What if they had an
open wound

What if they were colonized, but did not have an active infection?

Would it surprise you to know that more and more community residents are colonized? And they don't necessarily tell you...

Read more here...
JUMP TO IT: Water Brings More Power to Athletics
Jumping exercises in water Athletes need a training medium that is kinder to the joints.

A 2009 study just released showed that aquatic jump exercises result in:
  • greater force production and
  • greater rate of force development
in the same amount of time with less impact than their land-based equivalents.
HIV Patient Refusal puts Aquatic Clinic in Hot Water
Refusal to treat You could be sued under the ADA. Are you in compliance?

Did you know that the U.S. government is interested in who you refuse to treat in your therapy pool?

In 2008, an individual in Texas complained that a physical therapy office refused to provide him aquatic therapy because he has HIV. He sued under the ADA.

The suit was settled. The office changed its policy and agreed not to deny physical therapy treatment to individuals with HIV or other disabilities, to post its nondiscrimination policy in its office, and to train its staff on the policy. The complainant was also compensated $2,500.
Aquatic Powerhouse Hits East Coast
peggy schoedinger 
Have you taken a Peggy Schoedinger seminar before? If not, you're missing one of life's great pleasures.

Known as the "best of the best" instructors, Peggy will make you laugh until you pee (just do us all a favor and exit the pool first).

And you'll learn... boy, will you learn. It's over 70% pure aquatic lab.

What: Peggy Schoedinger's 3-Day Hands-On Aquatic Training
Where: Simsbury, CT
When: Nov. 13-15, 2009
Early Bird Price: $595
Register Now

P.S. We have 1 slot left for the Birmingham, AL version of this seminar. Register today to ensure you get in!