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Issue #44   13 July 2009
Using Movable Floor Pools for Pediatric Therapy
kids on pool floor
Michael wanted to enter the pool under his own power, but at 18, he was too large for therapist Moriah Pate, OTR, and her co-workers at the JCC pool in Indianapolis to lower down onto the deck for a sitting transfer.

Michael's increased extensor tone and balance deficits made it unsafe for him to jump into any pool.
Even a ramp entry was out. Because of Michael's severe traumatic brain injury--the result of a terrible car accident two years earlier--he was unable to ambulate. But at 18, he shared his goal: To stand-up and walk into the water.
So one day he did. How? In a warm water pool with a movable bottom.

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Tom Lachocki to Open "How to Build" Seminar
lachocki pic 
Are you a private-practice therapist, looking to take the next step up from YMCA rentals? Or are you a rehab director, suddenly thrust into the role of project manager for the new hospital pool? If so, you need to join the rest of the scared and clueless at ARN's first-ever How to Build, Buy and Profit From a Therapy Pool Seminar, coming to Colorado Springs August 27-28, 2009.

Tom Lachocki, CEO of the National Swim Pool Foundation, will be there to welcome you at our Meet-and-Greet Reception along with your instructors, aquatic-insiders Mick and Sue Nelson, from USA Swimming. Together, their infectious enthusiasm for the field of aquatics will help dispel any doubts you may have had about your impending building project and help prepare you for most intense two days of business therapy you will experience as a aquatic entrepreneur.

What: How to Build, Buy and Profit From A Therapy Pool Seminar
Where: Colorado Springs, CO
When: August 27-18, 2009
Early Bird Price: $545 ($595 after August 6th)
New at AquaticNing: "Ask ARN" Column

Every week, we get calls and emails from people who have questions on how best to use the water to heal what is aching them. Rather than hogging all the fun and answering them ourselves, we have decided to unleash the power of the network by posting their queries over at AquaticNing, our thriving web community and letting you, our members, have a shot at them.

AquaticNing is a place for aquaticists from every discipline to gather, compare notes and share what is working and what is not in the field of aquatic therapy. Think of it as a listserv on crack where you can upload pictures and videos and have it all be searchable on the web. What a great resource!

So whether you are an up-and-coming researcher who wants to build a reputation or a beginning therapist just trying to help others, head on over to our Ask ARN group. All  contributions welcome.

This month's case: Increasing torso strength after sternum removal