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Issue #43   29 June 2009
Pools For Patriots
wounded vet in pool
Since the start of the Global War on Terror, over 30,000 soldiers have returned home with visible wounds and severe disabilities. However, an underfunded and understaffed VA is many times not there for them. These vets could use your help and your pool.

From July 4th through November 11th (Veteran's Day), Aquatic Resources Network will be dedicating each new membership it receives to our Pools For Patriots project. This initiative aims to link-up needy disabled vets with local pools and therapists by partnering with existing organizations such as Heroes to Hometowns and the Returning Veterans Project.

If you've been thinking about joining ARN but have been putting it off, there is no more perfect time to reconsider.

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Testimonials from ARN Alums
shout The word is out. Listen to the buzz about Jennifer Tvrdy and her Pediatric Aquatic Therapy course

I really enjoyed the aquatic course.  All the techniques demonstrated by Jennifer have been really helpful in improving the kids' sensory processing skills and facilitate movement that I would never have been able to do on land.  You can use the aquatic techniques with such a diverse population, and I am amazed by the results when I observe how much the quality of their movements have improved during land-based activities and how much more the kids are aware of their bodies. Thank you for all the great ideas!

C. Alfonso, OT

Jennifer's course was 2 days full of ideas and offered many new ways to approach the treatment of paediatric clients.  We incorporated the ideas immediately.  Thank you for a wonderful course.

A. Pare, PT

As an SLP with a background in SMI and much collaboration w/ an OT, I found the course to be extremely relevant, thorough in background theory as well as hands-on activities. I felt very well prepared to launch into aquatic therapy as part of my private practice. I was able to find a private warm pool and am now providing aquatic therapy to kids this summer. Jennifer's course was invaluable.     

M. Schumacher, SLP

I would have to say I use treatment ideas I learned in the course during every session I see kids and some of the ideas I use with my adult population too. Jennifer was a wonderful, creative and energetic teacher. This course added lots of new ideas to my tool box.

L. Condro, PT

NOTE: Jennifer's next course is coming to Des Moines, August 1-2, 2009. It is her last one of the year so you don't want to miss it!
Bringing Yoga to the Water
water yoga
Yoga Afloat is a technique that has  evolved out of Cynthia Bialek's desire to continue the practice of yoga in a place that was comfortable and conducive for someone with acute fibromyalgia. She understood that  transposing moves into the water would be impossible without first understanding the unique properties and principles of the water. So how well does yoga actually translate into the pool?

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The Positive Effects of Ai Chi
tai chi gal 
Ai Chi, a technique of slow, fluid, rhythmic movements with controlled breathing adapted for use in the pool, can be used to improve movement efficiency in everything from arthritis to multiple sclerosis. Many of its benefits include increased stability, strength, cardiovascular output and more. If these type of results interest you, then read this in-depth research article over at the Hydrotherapy2U blog, but take your time.

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