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Issue #42   22 June 2009
Underwater Equipment Hits Its Stride
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Until recently, aquatic exercise was seen as the kinder, gentler option; one reserved for the elderly, the pregnant and people with disabilities, not for the fit. Workout maxims such as go-to-failure or feel-the-burn didn't echo loudly--if at all--in natatoriums throughout the country. Someone, however, needs to tell that to the athletes, whose water regimens now include such drills as butt-kickers, goose stepping, vertical acceleration and sprinting thanks to underwater treadmills, movable-floor pools and platforms.

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Getting Your Pool Project Off The Ground
pillars Come to Colorado Springs to learn how the 4 Aquatic Pillars will make your new therapy pool a success

In today's economy, there is little margin for error when it comes to construction projects. That is why therapy pool projects must be based in sound aquatic business principles if they are ever going to obtain financing from skeptical loan officers or skittish investors.

Enter Mick and Sue Nelson. These two aquatic industry mainstays are coming to Colorado Springs in August to teach today's therapist-turned-entrepreneur-turned-project-manager how to build, buy and profit from a therapy pool. Together, their 52-years of experience will help demystify the process so you can clear the many funding, construction and operating hurdles that await you.

"Our forte is the 4 Aquatic Pillars: athletics, recreation, exercise and therapy," explained Sue Nelson. "Design your pool with these four activities in mind and you're sure to optimize your cash-flow for years to come."

What: How To Build, Buy and Profit
From a Therapy Pool Seminar

Where: Colorado Springs, CO
When: August 27-28, 2009
Cost: $545 ($595 after Aug 6th)

New Pool Chemical Green Initiative
Sara Firman, who runs our sister site, AquaticNing, this week is featuring a story on a green initiative that is seeking to set new ecological standards for pool and spa chemicals. The company behind the plan, EcoLogo, wants as many inputs as possible, and is looking for your help in the project. If you are an interested pool director, pool worker-bee or even pool parent, here's your chance to let your voice be heard.

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Portable Poolside Tech
Now here's a new idea, water exercise and aquatic rehab programs on your iPod. Or iPhone. Or Blackberry. Whatever. You get the picture. The Aquatic Rehab Training Center, brainchild of Mary Essert, BA, ATRIC, houses a series of guided aquatic healing programs for post polio, fibromyalgia, breast cancer and lymphedema conditions. These are not just for patients but for therapists, too (complete with CEU credits!). Now if Steve Jobs can just design us a waterproof version.

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