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Issue #41   15 June 2009
Breast Cancer Treatment in the Water

pink ribbonEver wondered if aquatic therapy could reduce lymphedema? We did! So we were especially stoked to read this just-released research study on this very topic by two Israeli researchers entitled Aqua lymphatic therapy in women who suffer from breast cancer treatment-related lymphedema: a randomized controlled study.

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Aquatic SI: Fitting the Parts Together
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Pediatric therapists are asked to perform minor miracles with few resources. In such times, the therapy pool becomes important because aquatic therapy offers an amazingly versatile environment to challenge many deficits at the same time. Here are a sample of some activities that can provide disabled children with many opportunities to challenge tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular and other systems in a single session. The pediatric therapist who chooses water, chooses well.

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(This article is the final installment Andrea Salzman's 7-part series called Pediatric Poolside Practicum as seen in Advance magazine)
New Aquatic Exercise Text
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There's a new book out with 352 pages of aquatic nirvana. Unfortunately, you can't get it in your hot little hands until August. But you can pre-order it from Amazon for just 30% off the list price of $74.00. It's the latest textbook on aquatic therapy and it's called Aquatic Exercise for Rehabilitation Training by Lori Thien Brody and Paula Geigle.

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Pediatric Workshop Coming to Des Moines
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Early intervention in the water is fast becoming the new healing frontier for the special-needs child. To introduce you to this wonderful world of water-based sensory integration, Aquatic Resources Network is bringing our Pediatric Aquatic Therapy Seminar to the Midwest this August.

The therapists at this course teach a unique set of innovative play-based treatment strategies, that, when combined with proper handling techniques and manual therapies, will leave clinicians feeling confident in their treatment of various sensory-motor deficits.

If your practice is experiencing an uptick in spectrum syndromes or you have land-based patients that have hit "the wall," please visit our website to see what this class can do for you. Then get ready to get wet, play and practice in this lab-intensive course designed to strengthen your hands-on skills.

Where: Des Moines, IA
When: August 1-2, 2009
Cost: $595

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