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Issue #39   25 May 2009
Working Up A Sweat With Mom and Pop
2 gals 
The effectiveness of group aquatic aerobic exercise on the cardiorespiratory endurance of children with disabilities was recently examined in a Boston, MA study. Not only did the kids swim laps and bounce around on aquatic noodles together, they did so in a high adult:child ratio exercise program. How did they make out? Find out here...

Water: The Perfect 3D Vestibular Medium for Kids
pink gal
Water activities can provide disabled children with many opportunities to work on vestibular input. It is there that the therapist has the ability to challenge a child's equilibrium in ways unachievable on land. In fact, in some ways, the water offers the perfect environment to enhance stability and balance. Looking for a simple starting point for stimulating the vestibular system in your pool? Then read more here...
(This article is the 5th of a 7-part series called Pediatric Poolside Practicum published in Advance magazine by Andrea Salzman, MS, PT)
ROI Calculator for Therapy Pools

statsHydroWorx has created an interesting financial analysis page where you can now download spreadsheets to help you justify your next pool procurement. From return-on-investment financial analysis for sports teams to 1 and 5 year profit and loss statements for your board of directors, this tool will help you cover all of your capital investment bases.

Read more here...
Check the SwimEx version here...
Look Who's Back From Her World Tour
peg picSign-up now for Peggy's September course and get 20 hours of great aquatic ideas

After teaching seminars this year from as far away as South Africa and Brazil, Peggy Schoedinger will be washing up on shore this coming September in Birmingham, AL to bring you her world-class 3-Day Hands-On Aquatic Therapy course. Register now for this advanced class if you want to understand how to use Bad Ragaz, Halliwick, watsu, aquatic manual therapy, trunk stabilization and functional skills training for your orthopedic and neurologic patient populations.

Where: Birmingham, AL
When: September 18-20, 2009
Cost: $595

Read our brochure here (pdf)...
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