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Then come join Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, for this 3-day lab-intensive early intervention class as she shows you how to combine innovative play-based treatment strategies with manual therapy techniques for tackling sensory-motor deficits in the pool.

Aquatic Therapy for the Pediatric Therapist

May 21-23, 2009
Minneapolis, MN

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Issue #37   11 May 2009
Diarrhea: Do Swim Diapers Make the Grade?
The National Swimming Pool Foundation wanted to know if swim diapers really helped reduce waterborne illnesses in the pool. This week, they highlighted the results of their study and what they found may have you revising policy. 

Read the press release here (pdf)...
Enhancing Body Awareness and Kinesthesia
diving board
Leah was afraid of movement, afraid of the water splashing her face, and her apraxia prevented her from using equilibrium reactions in an effective way.
It's true that children can make gains in the water that are not easily achieved on land. However, there is a real risk with these children that the natural unloading which occurs in the water will disrupt their already atypical feedback loops.
Additionally, refraction can limit a child's ability to self-monitor limb placement and visual cues are untrustworthy. So, does it even make sense to work on body awareness and kinesthesia in the pool?

(This article is the 3rd of a 7-part series called Pediatric Poolside Practicum published in Advance magazine by Andrea Salzman, MS, PT)

Read more here...

A Halliwick-Based Aquatic Assessment
Ruthy Tirosh, creator of WOTA 
Looking for a way to track your patient's progress in water?
So was Ruthy Tirosh (Alyn Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel). She needed a tool that was quick to perform and that was both reliable and valid.
This very practical project turned into a 7 year project. Today, the aquatic therapy department of Alyn as well as several other centers around the world are using the WOTA (Water Orientation Test of Alyn) to design, track and set goals for aquatic therapy treatment.

The WOTA evaluations are gathered in a kit including guidelines. Read more here...

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More Over-The-Top Swimming Pools
pool theater
Just when we thought we had seen it all, nine more luxury swimming pools have popped up on our radar screen, including, some pictured here, the Pool Theater, the Playboy Mansion Grotto and the Sunken Quarry Hotel in China. This is getting to be a weekly feature.

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