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Professional development that's both satisfying and enjoyable

jennifer tvrdy

Aquatic Therapy for the Pediatric Therapist

May 21-23, 2009
Minneapolis, MN

Love kids? Need CEUs? Then come join Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, for this 3-day lab-intensive early intervention class as she shows you how to combine innovative play-based treatment strategies with manual therapy techniques for tackling sensory-motor deficits in the pool.

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Caregiver Edition Now Available!
Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Child

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Activities Include:

Hot Tub Party
Shower Picnic
Car Wash
Get Dressed Relay
Wall Blasters
Feed the Dolphin
(and over 50 more innovative play-based exercises)

(therapist edition)

(DVD-only for caregivers and families)

Watch the "Get Dressed Relay"

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Issue #36   4 May 2009
12 Most Amazing Pools in the World
biggest pool
Many facilities are spending hundreds of thousands on their pools in hopes of attracting customers.  If you are thinking about upgrading or building new, check out some of these luxury pools and be inspired.

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Promoting Socialization in Children
Water activities can provide children with pervasive develomental disorders with the opportunity to socialize and form attachments. It helps that pool-time seems less like "therapy" and more like fun. In one case, parents were mesmerized that their son began using words and communicating clearly about his choices.... once he hit the pool.

(This article is the 2nd of a 7-part series called Pediatric Poolside Practicum published in Advance magazine by Andrea Salzman, MS, PT)

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SEALS Turn to Water for Healing
navy seal
Last year, the Navy was looking for a way to increase career longevity of its special warfare combatant-craft crewman (SWCC) and SEALS.
It turned to water for the answer.

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Swimming Quick Stats
Laurie Batter at the National Swimming Pool Foundation wrote to tell us some interesting new facts about how swimming is moving up in popularity compared to other sports.
While exercise walking leads the Top 10 in sports participation, swimming moved ahead of exercising with equipment for the No. 2 spot.
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