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Issue #32   6 Apr 2009
AT In Stroke Rehabilitiation
brain mri
Aquatic therapy is being used increasingly for those who have suffered a cerebrovascular accident, commonly known as a stroke. The supportive properties of warm water allow patients to improve their movement skills without fear of falling. This article from Advance magazine, chronicles the benefits, cautions and contraindications of treating the neuro patient in the water.

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Aquatic Center Ejects Nursing Mom
tiger mom In today's litigious society, pools are always a ripe target for lawsuits. That is why facilities are always so proactive in policing themselves and their staff. But who could have foreseen the havoc a nursing mom and her hungry child could bring to one quaint Canadian aquacenter? In this case, it brought a very publicized standoff between a squad of flak-vested security guards and a frustrated group of breastfeeding moms. Does your state or locality have a similar "Anytime, Anywhere" statute? Perhaps now is a good time to find out.

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New Standards at AEA

The Aquatic Exercise Association has come out with its 2009 Standards and Guidelines. While the AEA may be the certifying organization for aquatic fitness programming, these guidelines are based on the latest in biomechanical and kinesiology research and therefore, can be useful to many different populations and programs. Know the optimal water temperature for treating a Parkinson's patient? Can you recite the maximum heartrate for a geriatric client off the top of your head? If not, you might want to print this out and post it for your staff.
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Never ones to be late to the party, Aquatic Resources Network is now up on Twitter, the hot new social networking site that can send short text messages right to your cellphone. With this service, we can now "tweet" all you tech-geeks with the latest and greatest medicare, health and pool news the moment it happens. Want to get in on the action and not be left behind? Just follow us at
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