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Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Child

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Activities Include:

Hot Tub Party
Shower Picnic
Car Wash
Get Dressed Relay
Wall Blasters
Feed the Dolphin
and over 50 more

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Issue #31   30 Mar 2009
New Resource For Your Starving Aquatic Mind
hungry carp
Ever wondered if exercising in the water makes you more hungry? Does aquatic exercise help children with cerebral palsy? Does footwear in the pool improve performance? Aquatic therapists want to know! Check out this slick 19-page Research Reviews put out last month by the Aquatic Exercise Association.

Read more here (pdf)...
Aquatic Mediation of PTSD
aquatic ning Sara Firman, over at our social network, AquaticNing, has started a group discussion called Aquatic Healing for Trauma. The group is quite energetic about exploring the benefits of water on healing a wide range of trauma victims, both physical (Iraqi vets) and emotional (abused children). If you are practicing near a large military base or maybe have an unusually rigid child, head on over to see what they have to share.

Read the thread here...
Risking Risky Risks
inhaler Is there no escaping the harm  researchers keep finding in our most-treasured profession?

There is probably no better place than an outdoor swimming pool to refresh and relax on hot days. However, the new study suggests that, despite their natural ventilation, outdoor pools can pose similar asthma and allergy risks to indoor pools, especially in children. Help! Is there any hope left for us?
Train Your Entire Staff for $299
andrea mpls seminar Our advanced aquatic therapy course: now coming to a DVD player near you

Patient loads are down. Budgets  tight. And many states are not paying for seminar travel even though they still require continuing education training. With the economic downturn hitting the healthcare field just as hard as any other, more facilities are electing to train their staff in-house this year.

With the help of our X-ray glasses, we anticipated this trend. That is why we put our most popular seminar course on DVD and are making it available on a staff basis to those facilities who are finding themselves temporarily undercapitalized.

For just $299, you can train your entire staff with our 8-hour video and 200-page handout. The video can be played during one or multiple in-services while the manual can be copied and handed out as many times as you wish. The kit comes with six free CEU certificates. After that, it's just $30 each.

Lunch 'n Learn. Cheese 'n chalk. Whatever you want to call it, consider bringing Aquatic Resources Network to your conference room today.

Breakout Sessions include:

Evidence-Based AT Explained
The Musculoskeletal Patient
The Neuro Patient
Justifying Aquatic Therapy
Programming Your Therapy
Marketing Your Program
Billing Your Providers
Appealing Your Reimbursements

Order the DVD now...
Register early for our pediatric seminars and receive our new Aquatic Sensory Integration DVD for free.

Included with this break-through video, you get the low-down on over 60 innovative aquatic activities for treating the special-needs child. You will also receive a seminar handout bursting with 100 pages of lab notes, bibliographies and post-test for CEU credit for your whole staff.

To get this FREE gift, you must register by:
April 16th for Minneapolis, MN seminar