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Just Released!
Aquatic Sensory Integration for the Child

book   dvd

Activities Include:

Hot Tub Party
Shower Picnic
Car Wash
Get Dressed Relay
Wall Blasters
Feed the Dolphin
and over 50 more

Watch the "Get Dressed Relay"

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Spring 2009 Seminars
Peds Aquatic Therapy
Mar 19-21--Durham, NC
Mar 27-28--San Mateo, CA
May 21-23--Mpls, MN

Peggy Schoedinger
Apr 17-19--Sarasota, FL

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Issue #23   26 Jan 2009
Aquatic Peds Triple Crown
Jennifer Tvrdy OTDR/L working with child with autismTrain on East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in-between

Pediatric therapists: Invest in yourself. Come learn & play with us this spring.

We have so many new ideas for the pool: Aquatic sensory integration. Using primitive reflexes in water. WatsuŽ for children. 101 things to do with a soggy bath blanket.

Durham, NC brochure (Mar 19-21)
San Mateo, CA brochure (Mar 27-28)
Minneapolis, MN brochure (May 21-23)

IMPORTANT: Register early to get the $199 Aquatic Sensory Integration DVD and distance-learning module (see coupon below) for free.

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LBP Research
Aquatic therapy for LBP
Finally, a systematic review looking at one of the MAJOR reasons people access aquatic therapy: low back pain. We know you are dying to look, so here's the link

Read more here...
The Accidental Aquatic Speech Therapist: Part 2
Susan Nachimson, SLP working in saddle position
Susan Nachimson has been practicing speech-language pathology for more than 25 years. She uses water for the treatment of clients with severe limitations of voicing, respiration and volume control, oral-sensory hypersensitivity, movement with phonation, developmental apraxia of speech (DAS), focusing and attending, and many other clinical issues for infants, children and adults.

In other words, she knows the power of the pool. Read more about her cool path to aquatic therapy in the second part of her exclusive interview with Advance Magazine.

Read Part II of the interview here...

P.S. We plan to hold the 1st annual National Aquatic Therapy Symposium for the SLP in San Francisco area in Sept. 2009. Request brochure.
New Phone Numbers for ARN
Al Gore & Internet The Aquatic Resources Network is embracing the technological age and going digital with our phone system.

Please note: Our old numbers no longer work. Our new voice number is 800-680-8624 and our new fax number is 888-514-6133.

This new system is Internet-based so if you experience any glitches, you know who to blame.
Register early for our pediatric seminars and receive our new Aquatic Sensory Integration DVD for free.

Included with this break-through video, you get the low-down on over 60 innovative aquatic activities for treating the special-needs child. You will also receive a seminar handout bursting with 100 pages of lab notes, bibliographies and post-test for CEU credit for your whole staff.

To get this FREE gift, you must register by:
Feb 13th for Durham, NC seminar
Feb 20th for San Mateo, CA seminar
April 9th for Minneapolis, MN seminar