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We weren't gone for THAT long!
Billable aerobics?
Conventional wisdom is for the dogs
Aquatic peds seminar coming to NC this March
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2009 Seminar Offerings
Pediatric Aquatic Therapy
Mar 19-21--Durham, NC
Mar 27-28--San Mateo, CA
May 21-23--Mpls, MN
Jul--St. Louis, MO
Oct--NY-NJ-CT Area

Peggy Schoedinger's 3-Day Hands-On
Aquatic Therapy

Apr 17-19--Sarasota, FL
Sep 18-20--B'ham, AL

Clinical Applications of Watsu and Other Manual Therapies
Nov 13-15--Wilkes-Barre, PA

Adult Aquatic Therapy
Jun--San Diego or Long Beach, CA
Jul--St. Louis, MO

BUILD OR BUY A POOL: How to Plan for -- and Prosper with -- your Aquatic Therapy Pool
Aug--Wisconsin Dells

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Issue #20   5 Jan 2009
Happy New Year from the Aquatic Resources Network
Miss Us?happy new year

We enjoyed our 2 week vacation but we're back at the helm... navigating you through the aquatic therapy industry waters.

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: Link-up to other AT professionals in 2009...
Finding Deep-Water Balance
balancing rocks
For many years, therapists have been advised that aerobic training (like deep water running) may not be billable unless tied to a client's specific cardiopulmonary deficit. We knew the benefits of deep water work for cardiovascular health, mood, pain control and healing rates. But, balance?

This study, just published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity helps make the case for spending time in the deep end... to improve the balance and reaction time of our clients.

Read more here...
It Isn't Always the Weight Bearing...
bone density You've heard the conventional wisdom. Aquatic exercise is nice, but what about bone loss? Only weight-bearing activities can retard (and even reverse) bone loss. Right?

Hmmm. Well someone better tell these guys, soon.

Read more here...
NEW SEMINAR! Aquatic Therapy for the Child
Aquatic therapy for the child
Unique peds course helps you get your mojo back

Insecure with the special-needs child? Or just looking for new ideas for your long-standing practice?

Then come join Andrea Salzman in North Carolina as she shows you how to tackle the sensory and physical deficits of children through water-based intervention. Register now for this intensive 3-day hands-on course and get the confidence you need to open up your mind to new peds ideas.

When: Mar 19-21, 2009
Where: Durham, NC
Cost: $595
Early Bird Offer: see coupon below

Click here for more information (pdf)...
Register now...
Register for our March Pediatric Aquatic Therapy course in North Carolina by the 2/6/09 Early Bird date and receive our new Aquatic Sensory Integration DVD for free. Included with this break-through video, you get the low-down on over 60 innovative aquatic techniques for treating the special-needs child. You will also receive a seminar handout bursting with 100 pages of lab notes, bibliographies and a self-test for CEU credit. What a perfect way to get amped up in time for our North Carolina course.
Offer Expires: February 6, 2009