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Justifiable AT in FMS Populations
Rett Syndrome and Hydrotherapy
Picking Rick's Brain
Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy: Director's Cut
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Aquatic Sensory Integration Ideas
PEDS THERAPISTS: Looking for a way to incorporate deep pressure and tactile input into your pool time?

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2009 Seminar Offerings
Pediatric Aquatic Therapy
Feb - Durham, NC (tentative location)
Mar - San Mateo, CA
May - Minneapolis, MN
Jul - St. Louis, MO
Oct - NY-NJ-CT Tri-State

Peggy Schoedinger's Hands-On
Aquatic Therapy

Apr - Sarasota, Florida
Sep - Birmingham, AL
Nov - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Adult Aquatic Therapy
Jun - San Diego, CA
Jul - St. Louis, MO

BUILD OR BUY A POOL: How to Plan for -- and Prosper with -- your Aquatic Therapy Pool
Aug - Wisconsin Dells

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Issue #18   15 Dec 2008
FMS Takes to the Water
fibro gal
If you had to guess, would you think that  therapy three times a week for sixteen weeks in a warm pool could improve most of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and cause a high adherence to exercise in unfit women with heightened FM symptomatology? Read the results and see if you are right.

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Rett Syndrome & Aquatics: A Natural Fit
The range of problems experienced by a grl with Rett Syndrome is unique; her ability to control her body is minimal. Spending time in a pool situates her in a normative, "normal" place, which almost every [other] child gets to experience in his or her lifetime. See what the therapists at Beit Issie Shapiro School in Ranana, Israel did to show their "girls" how to enjoy aquatic therapy... and benefit from it as well.

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Stump the Guru
gawenda pic Land and Water...Same Day, OK?

Have a tough aquatic therapy coding question? Rick Gawenda, PT, has been known to crack the toughest of the tough. For instance: are land and pool services that are delivered on the same day billable to Medicare? Rich answers this question and more for Advance Magazine.

Rick is president of the American Physical Therapy Association section on health policy and administration. He's also the director of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Detroit Receiving Hospital in Michigan and conducts national seminars on coding and reimbursement.

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The Must-Have DVD this Christmas Season
andrea pool 15 years of aquatic therapy experience crammed into 8 hours of digital nirvana

From the saltwater pools of the Gulf to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Andrea Salzman, PT knows her water. As former Aquatics Director for Regions Hospital and Founder of the Aquatic Resources Network in Minneapolis, Andrea's lectures have been attended by thousands.

Whether you are a water-wannabe who has never known where to start or an experienced clinician who's ready to go to the next level, Andrea's DVD is for you. Get it now and avoid the Christmas rush.

Note: The DVD contains the 8+ hours of lecture from the seminar. Pool labs were not videotaped. Contains lectures on research, billing, programming and marketing.

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