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Minneapolis Seminar a Smash
Classroom Sessions Coming Soon on DVD!

Though our Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy course is now over, never fear. We videotaped all of Andrea Salzman's classroom sessions for those of you who missed it. When finished, the package will come with DVDs, evidence- based bibliographies, diagrams and detailed course handouts.


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Issue #16   1 Dec 2008
 Open Meme Fridays
sharing ideasWhat is a meme? A meme is a concept, thought or idea that is meditated and improved upon as it is spread, usually via the Internet.

Do aquatic therapists have memes?
We can't help but think that you do.

To that end, every Friday, we at Aquatic Resources Network will be handing over our blog to all you hydro-gurus out there who have got it all figured out.

Find out more...

Bumping and Pushing Your Way to Balance
aquatic balance training
A research team out of Israel is examining whether a novel water-based training program that includes perturbation (pushing, for you laymen!) can improve improve balance control.

Read the study protocol here...
(it includes a lot of great background and references).

The (butt) naked truth
the bottom line File it under:
Did I want to know?

On average, people have about 0.14 grams of feces on their bottoms which, when rinsed off, can contaminate pool water. But it's not all due to those darn kids! Adults who don't wipe can add 3 to 4 pounds of "solid" matter to the pool.

Read more here (if you have the stomach for it)...