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Hydro-techniques, 1800's style
Don't make my pool your toilet
Equipment to buoy your spirits
Oops, we goofed
Minneapolis Seminar a Smash
Classroom Sessions Coming Soon on DVD!

Though our Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy course is now over, never fear. We videotaped all of Andrea Salzman's classroom sessions for those of you who missed it. When finished, the package will come with DVDs, evidence- based bibliographies, diagrams and detailed course handouts.


Email us for more details...

Issue #15   24 Nov 2008
 Sleepless in the 1800's
spray of waterFun to know that hydrotherapy was the treatment of choice... even in 1899.

Read 1899 manuscript...
Read our own history of aquatic
therapy (PDF)
Got the runs?
diarrhea policy
...then please don't get into the pool! According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), pools should urge patrons with diarrhea to stay out of the water.

And here's the rub. If you have recently suffered from diarrhea (and are now feeling "better") the CDC says you STILL have to stay out of the water for...

Find out how many days here...
Buoyancy bells, resistance cuffs and belts to boot!
Winged Water Walkers Toss out those nasty old Chlorox bottles and inner-tubes.

Stocking your therapy pool closet?
Equipment companies have come a long way. As recently as 10 years ago, clinicians relied on their own creativity to turn household products into water-worthy fitness gadgets.

Today's problem? - How to pick from all the great options.
We made a boo-boo in our pediatric listing

Speech therapy in the water (courtesy Susan Nachimson)
Thanks to everyone who caught the typo in last week's eSplash. Yes, all the pediatric courses we listed (and have repeated below) will be held in 2009, not 2008. Hey, for a kid's course you gotta allow a senior moment.
  • Durham, North Carolina - February 2009
  • San Francisco Bay area - March 2009
  • Minneapolis, MN - May 2009
  • St. Louis, MO - July 2009
  • Pennsylvania - October 2009
And, speech therapists, we haven't forgotten about you! Our San Francisco Bay Area will also feature a speech therapist track.

If you love treating children but need fresh ideas to work in the pool, plan on attending one of these seminars.

View our 2009 seminar page here...